What hats to wear right now

To complement the image and protect yourself from the cold: we tell you about the most stylish hats of this autumn, without which it is impossible to imagine an ideal wardrobe.

Cap with a short visor

Until the weather has deteriorated so much that it will be impossible to do without layered wool hats, fashion bloggers and street style stars prefer trendy caps with short visors made of corduroy, tweed, leather or felt, which can be either pastel or as bright as possible colors. The main secret of the popularity of this headdress is its versatility: it looks stylish not only with elegant coats and trench coats, but also with short voluminous jackets, insulated bomber jackets and pilot jackets, making the image either feminine, sporty and daring. This season, caps can be either laconic, or decorated with chains, patent inserts, prints or other details – there is maximum variety in the trends of autumn!

Saint Laurent

Ruslan Baginskiy



Longingfor travel, instagram influencers decided to revive the trend for berets in the French style, which have already been tried on by Bella Hadid, Rihanna, Cara Delevingne and other celebrities. Despite the fact that this headdress is considered almost the main symbol of femininity and elegance, for a long time it was part of the military uniform, and it entered the world of high fashion relatively recently. In autumn and winter, the most popular models will be black and options decorated with animal prints, but this does not mean that other shades will be banned. In order to raise your mood and stand out from the crowd, wear yellow, red, pink and orange berets, making them the main accent of the image.

Giorgio Armani



Marc Jacobs, autumn-winter 2020

Bandanas in the style of the 1990s are planning to stay among the main fashion trends for several more seasons: summer models made of thin silk or satin are replaced by versions of thicker fabrics, which can be worn both in the manner of shawls – tying under the chin, and more hooliganically – making a knot at the back of the head. We are sure that the ideal addition to this headdress will be another extra-fashionable accessory for autumn-winter 2020 – long gloves made of cashmere or thin leather, over which you can put on wide bracelets  and not one, but several pieces at once for each wrist.

Isabel Marant

Jil Sander

Sports baseball caps

Sports style continues to occupy our wardrobes, so one of the main accessories of this autumn will be baseball caps, which are perfectly combined with short down jackets, straight coats and leather trench coats, especially in tandem with massive sneakers and rough lace-up boots. However, many fashion bloggers go from the opposite and combine such headdresses with suede boots, slouch boots and high Cossacks, proving that the mix of sexuality and practicality remains one of the most effective methods for creating fashionable images.



Leather Panama hats

It seems that this year Panamas have finally ceased to be associated with dresses in the style of a summer resident and have become the most desirable purchase for everyone who values comfort and practicality in fashion. An ideal option for autumn weather will be models made of matte or patent leather, which will protect your hair from wind and rain – you should not neglect hats in the cold season, at least in order to preserve the beauty and health of your hair, especially since their choice this season is as diverse as possible.



Fishing style hats

Lemaire, autumn-winter 2020

A logical, but slightly hyperbolized continuation of the trend for Panama hats will be fishing-style hats with the widest possible brim, in which you can walk around the city and imagine yourself as a Hollywood celebrity hiding from annoying paparazzi. This season, they can be found in the collections of Alberta Ferretti, Lanvin, Burberry and other brands, which managed to make this seemingly strange and absurd accessory a real hit, winning the hearts of fashionistas around the world. The most practical models for autumn will be made of nylon, perfectly combined with jackets and trench coats, although more classic versions of velvet and wool will be equally popular.

Maison Michel



Celine, autumn-winter 2020

This season, fashion will continue to advocate for the maximum variety of styles, so the trend will be both classic felt hats and headdresses in the style of Wild West cowboys – with rounded brims and leather ties. Wear them with Cossacks or boots with a wide top, complementing the image with long coats with wide shoulders, and look for ideas for stylish images on Instagram from the main Hollywood hat lovers – Blake lively, Cara Delevingne and Miranda Kerr.

Cocoshnick Headdress

Nina Ricci


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