What homemade masks actually do only harm to hair

To keep hair as thick and silky as possible, the fair sex uses masks prepared by themselves. It turns out that not all masks fit. Some of them will just stay, and then the girl will wash them off. This does not benefit the body. It is worth stopping at such masks, and the hair will soon turn into unkempt. Here are examples of such masks.

Castor oil mask

Castor oil is so praised that no one would even think about its harm to hair. However, this is so, no matter how surprising it sounds. Oil is not only unhealthy, it damages your hair. The thing is that the oily and thick consistency of the oil contributes to the fact that the hair scales become clogged and cannot be completely cleansed. Accordingly, hair nutrition is not enough. Hence the dryness, brittle hair, split ends. Also, the hair will always be oily, which is clearly not to the liking of a woman.What homemade masks actually do only harm to hair

Gelatin mask

Today keratin hair straightening is in vogue. True, the cost of this procedure is quite high. Therefore, many women prefer to make a gelatin mask, which gives the effect of keratin hair straightening. It is worth saying that straightening can and will be, but the damage to the hair will be just enormous. Gelatin will simply “seal” the hair and deprive them of oxygen exchange. Hair will not only become dry, but will begin to fall out.What homemade masks actually do only harm to hair

Mustard mask

This rather aggressive mask is used to make hair grow faster. However, in the course of experiments, it turned out that mustard simply thinned the hair, from which it simply began to break and become dry. Aggressive means should not be used at all without special need.What homemade masks actually do only harm to hair

Lemon juice mask

To accelerate hair growth, apply a mask based on lemon juice. It should be said right away that lemon juice aggressively affects the scalp. Peeling and redness may appear on it. As for the hair, it may begin to grow faster, but it will become naughty. This is because lemon juice dries hair too much. As a result, a woman will get a shock of unkempt and dry hair.What homemade masks actually do only harm to hair

It is not always worth blindly repeating all the masks you can find descriptions of. If after the first time it is clear that something is wrong with the hair, then you should not repeat the experiments with such a mask.

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