What if the pearl engagement ring dethroned the diamond solitaire?

After the success of ear cuffs pearly, minimalist pearls are more and more inviting among wedding trends. We explain how to adopt it.

Far from its traditional image, which often flirted with bourgeois conventions, the pearl has been able to adapt to the times, evolving at the frantic pace of prominent Parisians. First change in size, pearly earrings. From creoles to ear cuffs, passing through the piercings, the latter very often found itself propelled into orbit along these structured rings.

Neo lonely

This season on Instagram (from accounts of young designers to new brides), this very “fine jewelry” fantasy is changing its finger more and more to nestle on the ring finger of the left hand. Akoya, South Sea pearls, baroque … So many possible variations to replace its solitaire with another sensational material and display a softer, more delicate light, to be worn alone or simply enhanced by the lights of a paved wedding ring .


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