What if this watch was the most intimate and personalized engagement gift ever?

A clue ? Follow the design of this celestial vault with your eyes, this is where the young French manufacturer Trilobe slipped in this tailor-made jewel which has earned it more than three years of research.

At first glance, nothing differentiates this mischievous new timepiece from the celestial obsession that has been adorning many other dials lately. And yet, it is here, along this Milky Way, that nestles the key to unravel the mystery surrounding this watch, aptly named “Secret”. The answer ? Here it is: no dial can accommodate the same constellation since the latter is the result of a clever calculation, calibrated to display the sky map corresponding to the day chosen by its owner. If this ingenious process can be applied to any moment in life that you want to immortalize, it is obviously the memory of a marriage proposal that will attract many collectors to this unique piece. All that remains is to capture the day, the month, the year and the place (exotic or not) that marked this highlight to see then appear, day and night, the sky that lit up this intimate moment.

The Les Matinaux Secret watch, automatic movement

The Les Matinaux Secret watch, automatic movement, 40.5mm. Steel case, dial produced by 3D growth of Superluminova in relief, leather strap, Trilobe, € 9,500.

Trilobe / Photo presse

Starry sky

A personal message, made to measure by a 3D growth of superluminova in relief and hidden from everyone’s eyes, which required more than three years of research from Gautier Massonneau, the founder of this young ambitious house, and from Jean-François Mojon, author of a number of designer watch bestsellers. And still the allure charm of this same eccentric visual signature that marks all Trilobe pieces, thus eliminating the traditional hands in favor of three symbolic graphic markers. Launch into orbit scheduled for October 15 at the Maison’s site, as well as by appointment at the Trilobe showroom, to sign a resolutely unique gift.

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