What is ahi poke and how to cook it?

In fact, this is Hawaiian sushi, where all the ingredients – rice, vegetables, seafood – are laid in a bowl in the form of a multi-layered salad. Such “sushi in a bowl” is very popular among young people, this dish is increasingly included in the menu of famous restaurants.

In this case, ahi-poke can be prepared at home. Let’s see what the secret of making the right poke is.

Poke is a fairly simple dish consisting of boiled rice, raw fish, various vegetables, and a dressing. This is how it is prepared in Hawaii. Poke is similar to regular sushi, except that the fish is cut into small cubes and all the ingredients are stacked in layers in a large bowl.

Modern poker has undergone a number of changes and includes both Japanese and Peruvian traditions. Ahi-poke is a universal dish, it can include any ingredients. The essence remains the same: the dish consists of a base, filling and dressing. Ahi-poke can be used as an appetizer or as a main course.

Ahi-poke has gained such popularity due to the fact that it follows the principles of healthy eating. There is nothing superfluous in it – only fresh ingredients and no heat treatment.

First, poke fell in love with Hawaiian surfers, then the dish migrated to trendy bars and restaurants in California, and then spread throughout the world. In our country, poker is also popular with young people. Let’s cook a trendy ahi poke at home.

Making the foundation

For the basis of ahi-poke, it is taken round rice, the same one that is usually used to make sushi. Rice must be rinsed well beforehand, at least seven times.

  • For 1 kg of rice – 1.25 liters of water. Rice is cooked for half an hour.

When the rice is ready, mix well and season.

For dressing, rice vinegar (0.5 l), sugar (200 g), salt (75 g) are used. For 1 kg of rice, add about 250 ml of dressing, this is enough for the rice to acquire a sweet and sour taste.

Choosing the filling

The main stuffing is fresh seafood. Any raw fish is suitable for these purposes, you can also take scallops and shrimps.

Seafood should be cut into cubes no more than 1.5 cm, smaller cubes are completely saturated with sauce and lose their fishy taste. Scallops and shrimps should also be used raw; they can be simply defrosted.

If you prefer to do poke with meat, then it is better to choose wagyu beef and cut it into thin slices. The meat is also used raw.

A bowl of poke. The dish contains rice, sushi, pickled cabbage, cucumber, tobiko, seaweed
Photo: Pokebros,

In principle, in ahi-poke, you can add any vegetables… However, it is not recommended to use root vegetables – for example, potatoes and beets will make a regular vinaigrette from sushi, the zest of the dish will be lost. Eggplants, cucumbers, peppers, red onions, avocados are very good for poke. You can use fruits and berries, they add sourness to the dish.

Cooking the sauce

All-purpose ahi poke dressing includes: soy sauce, lime juice, sugar and salt. Some take it a step further and add a ceviche dressing in poke, which is perfect with raw fish.

You can also make a mayonnaise and sriracha dressing. This sauce has a bright flavor and buttery texture.

Octopus poke
Octopus poke
Photo: Aquateamhungerforce,

Now you can collect the dish.

  • Put the rice on the bottom of the bowl, distribute a little mayonnaise over it, put the filling of fish and vegetables on top, season with sauce.

Ahi-poke is ready! It should be eaten immediately after preparation.



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