What is biolamination of hair and when to carry out this procedure

Only the girls were able to appreciate the hair lamination procedure as a new procedure appeared – biolamination. Of course, the question immediately arose: is there a difference between the two procedures.

Experts say that, despite many similarities, there is a difference between the two procedures. In biolamination, only natural plant ingredients are used.

What is the procedure, its advantages

This procedure helps to restore damaged hair, which has been constantly exposed to dyeing, exposure to electrical appliances, as well as chemicals. If the hair splits, breaks, gets tangled, then it’s time to carry out biolamination.

The main advantage of the new restoration method is that it is suitable for all hair types. There are no contraindications. The thing is that the film that covers the hair is completely natural. This allows the hair to breathe. This is why the procedure is so popular among pregnant women and nursing mothers.

It is enough to do bioamination once a month to enjoy healthy and shiny curls. The effect lasts up to seven weeks and is cumulative. However, for those who are used to washing their hair every day, the protective film will last only two weeks. Often experts do not advise carrying out the procedure, as it makes the hair heavier.

A significant disadvantage of the procedure is its high cost. Therefore, not every woman can afford it. Don’t be upset. You can also try this method of hair restoration at home.

Hair biolamination at home

At home, gelatin is used. It contains animal protein collagen. To prepare the composition, you just need to dilute the gelatin with water to the consistency of a gel. The composition is applied to the hair.

True, after the first procedure, you should not wait for the result. You need to do at least three procedures to see the effect.

Advantages of biolamination

  1. The procedure lasts only 1.5 hours, and its results are enough for a long time.
  2. The hair is covered with a protective film. This allows you to keep styling longer. Reviews of women speak of this.
  3. A beautiful shine appears due to the fact that hair scales stick together.
  4. After the procedure, you can be sure that your hair is reliably protected from the adverse effects of sunlight, sea water, hair dryer and ironing.

Girls who have done biolamination at least once do this procedure again. This puts it in the first place among all hair restoration procedures.


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