What is detox?

What is detox?

It is understood that the various programs that contain this term in their name are aimed at ridding the body of toxins, which, it is said, accumulate in it.

The reasons for the accumulation of harmful substances are:

  • unbalanced, irrational nutrition (both the deficiency of nutrients and the presence of harmful ones matter);
  • taking medications that can accumulate in the body;
  • the presence of contaminants in the environment (water, air, food).

According to the concept of detox, a person needs regular sessions to cleanse the body of accumulated toxins. And this is facilitated by special diets, cosmetic procedures, cosmetics, dietary supplements.

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What can the body itself do?

The body is supplied by nature with a whole complex of mechanisms for natural detoxification. The following bodies are involved in this process:

  • Lungs. Carrying out gas exchange, they contribute to the removal of carbon dioxide into the environment.
  • Leather. Lactic acid leaves the body through it.
  • The liver also does a great job of detoxifying the body. Its cells produce enzymes that inactivate and break down a number of toxins.

What do you need to detox?

Since the penetration of harmful impurities into the body and the formation of endogenous toxins in it occurs constantly, it is unlikely that any one-time measures and programs can cleanse the body once and for all.

What is detox?
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To help the body cleanse itself, you will have to act immediately in the following directions, and systematically:

  • Diet. The meal plan must be followed on an ongoing basis. The correct functioning of the digestive system depends on this.
  • A balanced diet. The menu should contain a sufficient amount of nutrients and as little harmful ones as possible. This will reduce the burden on the organs responsible for detoxifying the body.
  • Physical activity. The metabolic rate depends on it. In addition, muscle contractions stimulate the activity of the lymphatic vessels and the lymphatic system in general, which detoxifies tissues.
  • Minimizing stressful situations. The cells of the body suffer from toxins and stress. Minimizing such unpleasant situations will make the body healthier.
  • Proper skin care. The skin, among others, has a detoxifying function. Some of the substances leave the body through it. The activation of this process will be facilitated by procedures that cleanse the skin pores from impurities.
What is detox?
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Thus, it turns out that detoxification processes are ongoing in the body. And we, by changing our lifestyle towards a healthy one, can help our body to cleanse itself.


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