What is fascial massage?

Recently, a large number of procedures have appeared that have a positive effect on both the external and internal state of the body, without surgical interventions. One of these methods is fascial massage. Thanks to it, you can noticeably improve the condition of the skin, get rid of wrinkles, and also solve problems with the spine. Read about the features of the procedure, the mechanism of massage, as well as contraindications and possible side reactions in our article.

Fascia in anatomy is a dense connective tissue that permeates the body and creates a shell for muscles. It also envelops internal organs, bones and nerve fibers. Although it is an accessory tissue, the fascia is responsible for keeping the internal structures, muscles and blood vessels in a fixed position, affects metabolism and attaches muscles to the bones of the skeleton.

How it works and what we get in the end

Groups of myofascia represent ligaments stretched between muscles, similar to meridians. Their responsibility is the functional activity of the skin and signals to the brain regarding pain and discomfort.

In comparison with classical massage, the myofascial technique is aimed at a deep impact. It is very important that the specialist is a professional in his field, otherwise one wrong move, and we get unpleasant consequences.

The masseur acts on the fascia, makes them flexible and restores tone. As a result, blood flow increases and tissue nutrition improves, and lymph movement is activated. It is she who frees the body from toxins and toxins. In addition, this massage will help to eliminate spasms and clamps.

Other obvious positive properties include:

  • improving the mobility of the spine;
  • weight loss;
  • stopping inflammatory processes;
  • skin rejuvenation;
  • improving sleep.

As side reactions after the first sessions, there may appear:

  • temporary redness of the skin;
  • muscle twitching;
  • nausea.

Redness after massage

This is an absolutely normal reaction of the body to changes that are caused by the work of a specialist.

Which zones does it apply to

Physiologist Ida Rolf developed the myofascial method. He described the theory of energetic action on the epidermis through eleven myofascial meridians. Thus, such a massage can be applied to a wide variety of areas. Let’s consider the most popular ones.


The massage is carried out exclusively for health purposes. As a result:

  • painful trigger points are developed;
  • increased mobility;
  • muscle spasms are eliminated;
  • pinched nerve endings are released;
  • the pain is stopped.

Healthy back

All this definitely improves the quality of life. Before starting the procedure, diagnostics are carried out, thanks to which the general condition of the patient’s musculoskeletal system is determined. Using the deep palpation method, the masseur identifies tense areas and problem points. As a result, an individual scheme of work emerges.

As a rule, the session takes place in several stages:

  1. First, the neck-collar zone is worked out.
  2. Then the shoulders.
  3. In conclusion, attention is paid to the lumbar and sacral parts of the back.

Back massage

In the course of work, the specialist combines traditional methods (stroking and rubbing) with a special “three T” technique:

  • tension – pressure;
  • torsion – twisting;
  • trakiya – stretching.


The main indications for a foot massage are tension, pain, and decreased stamina. As a rule, athletes who are subjected to intense physical exertion every day often complain about these problems.

Stretching is a key technique in leg work. It is this that allows you to relax the fascia, restore elasticity and work out the muscles in detail. The massage is carried out slowly, working in the direction of the fibers. In this case, one hand fixes the skin, and the other shifts the fascia to such a state that persistent resistance is felt.

Face and neck

There are several reasons to go for a fascial massage:

  • the skin has become flabby;
  • increased fat content is observed;
  • the skin needs cleaning;
  • a second chin began to appear;
  • Excessive swelling can signal metabolic problems.

Swelling of the face

As a rule, procedures begin to be done from the age of 30, earlier there was simply no need for this. One course is designed for an average of 11 sessions. Massage must be done from the bottom up. The procedure takes place in 4 stages:

  1. The face must be cleaned. Therefore, remove all dirt and makeup before the procedure.
  2. Softening the skin with special preliminary manipulations.
  3. We work on the chin using the twisting method.
  4. We massage the ears.
  5. We massage the cheekbones and forehead with special pressure.

The benefits and harms of fascial facial massage have been proven. The unique procedure will help smooth out nasolabial folds, neutralize forehead wrinkles at the initial stage, improve complexion and tone. This is only possible if all the rules are followed. Otherwise, not only the appearance will suffer, but also the well-being.

We talked about the types and methods of performing face slimming massage here.

Facial massage


This type of massage should not be taken as a simple harmless procedure. Unprofessional actions of the massage therapist or neglect of the rules can cause serious health problems. So, you shouldn’t start a course if you have:

  • cancer;
  • tuberculosis;
  • herpes;
  • internal bleeding;
  • dermatitis;
  • rashes on the skin;
  • blood diseases;
  • fragile vessels;
  • pregnancy.

In addition, in the presence of injuries, burns, large moles and papillomas, massage is also prohibited. If you have recently undergone childbirth, it is also better to refrain from procedures.

Moles on the face

Is it possible to do the massage yourself

We strongly advise against doing fascial body massage yourself. This requires a deep knowledge of anatomy and physiology. You need to be able to feel the body and control your strength. If you have not received special training, in no case should you do such a massage. It can only hurt.

An alternative way to work out muscles and get rid of clogging is massage with tennis balls or rolling with a special roller. To do this, determine the painful place, first knead it with your hands, and then slowly and carefully start rolling it with your inventory. Remember that massage is an effect on muscles and fascia. Therefore, it is strictly forbidden to put pressure on the bones, spine or joints. Fascial neck massage is generally not worth doing yourself – here are the arteries and nerve plexuses. Serious problems can result if this area is not manipulated correctly.

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