What is Fried Ice Cream Roll?

The first to make a cold delicacy in the form of small rolled milk-fruit “pancakes” in Thailand. There, chilled desserts are very popular, because with their help you can quickly and tasty escape from the exhausting heat. Fried ice cream rolls are sold there literally on every corner – both in street stalls and in expensive restaurants.

Cooking process

It is very interesting to watch how this unusual dish is being prepared.

The mixture of milk, cream and fruit is poured into a large skillet (built into the worktop). Basically, the ice-cream chef “chops” all the ingredients and mixes them until smooth in the pan. Then such a “dough” for future ice cream is spread in a thin layer over the surface. Doesn’t it remind you of the process of making ordinary pancakes?

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But only with ordinary traditional frying, the pan is heated (on gas or electricity), and in this case, under the pan for fried ice cream is freezer that cools the surface down to -30 degrees… Therefore, in such an “ice” frying pan, a thin layer of milk-fruit “dough” almost instantly freezes, turning into ice cream. After that, it is scraped off the surface with a special spatula (reminiscent of a construction spatula), forming a small cold and tasty ice cream roll.

In the street version, fried roll ice cream is usually served in a cup like coffee. It is often decorated with various sprinkles, cookies, grated chocolate, fruits, berries, nuts. Also, at the request of the customer, the ice cream roll is additionally poured with delicious topping (something like a sauce), for example, caramel, chocolate or fruit and berry.

By the way, the whole process of cooking this dish takes about five minutes, ice cream is made right in front of everyone.

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Fried ice cream at home

Of course, the main difficulty in making fried ice cream rolls at home is lack of special expensive equipment… Is it possible to do without this device in order to please yourself and your household with a natural homemade ice treat? Of course yes. True, this process will take much longer. But the taste and singularity of this dish are worth a little “confusion”.

The first thing that is needed in order to “fry” ice cream at home is freezer and smooth tray (metal or plastic). A large plastic food container is also suitable, so that it is convenient to apply a semi-finished product of the future roll ice cream in a thin layer along its bottom. For spreading the “dough” and its subsequent “scraping”, forming the actual “rolls” of ice cream, a culinary spatula will do (better plastic, wooden, in extreme cases, metal, but not soft silicone).

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“Dough” for homemade fried ice cream

At home, you can try to make such a cold dessert from purchased ready mixes for making ordinary homemade ice cream, or prepare the preparation yourself (there are a lot of ice cream recipes on the Internet). You can add fruits chopped with a blender, crumbled cookies, grated chocolate to the milk base etc. Also, the fried ice cream mix can be dyed with food colors or naturally (concentrated syrups).

That’s all, it remains only to spread the “dough” in a thin layer on the surface of the tray or on the bottom of the food container, put it in the freezer, and then scrape off the frozen treat with “rolls”, add topping and various “goodies” for decoration to taste – and a homemade fried roll -Ice cream is ready!



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