What is fried milk?

Difficulties in choosing a recipe

Despite the fact that this delicacy has Spanish roots, and in our country in recent years they managed to taste it well and are already being prepared with might and main, both at home and in the kitchen of expensive restaurants.

For those who cannot afford fashionable trattorias, there are many recipes for fried milk on the Web. True, not all of them are equally easy for a beginner in the field of confectionery art. Not knowing some of the subtleties and nuances, according to such recipes, you can cook only a crumbling lump of milk porridge, which clearly does not reach the high rank of an exquisite dessert.

Such difficulty in choosing the right recipe for fried milk is due to the fact that this dish was originally “Home”… Spanish mothers prepared this tasty and healthy sweetness for their children, then, when they grew up, they passed on their recipe to them. Those, in turn, modifying it slightly, adding various ingredients, passed on the family recipe to the next generation. And so it happened that there are many recipes for fried milk, some of them vary greatly.

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Secrets of making fried milk

This dessert involves frying thickened (flour, eggs, starch or other thickener) milk, breaded in some kind of deep fat. At first glance, everything is simple, but there are a couple of nuances.

The right milk

For fried milk, first, some kind of thick milk cream is made with all kinds of additives to the taste of the pastry chef. Purchased “dietary” low-fat milk will not work for this business (however, this delicacy is generally not for those who strictly monitor their figure – it is very high in calories and very tasty).

  • Need milk with a fat content of 3.2%, or better natural, homemade (from a proven cow).

Milk needs additives, first of all, sugar (an unchanged ingredient), but a little, the dessert should not be sugary. Of the additional additives, the most traditional for this dish are cinnamon and lemon (orange) zest.

Suitable thickener

Here the opinions of chefs and fried milk lovers differ.

  • Someone says that on potato starch milk filling tastes better.
  • Others argue that formula milk will be the right consistency only using corn starch.
  • Still others – for flour with eggs, with which you need not only to thicken milk, but to brew it (by analogy with custard).

In a word, only intuition and practice will help you figure it out. The main thing is to knead this milk filling well so that no lumps form.

Fried milk Leche Frita
Fried milk Leche Frita
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Perfect consistency

Milk cream for fried milk should not be too thick, like dough, since the filling in this exquisite dessert should be as tender, light as possible, literally melt on the tongue.

Of course, from such “Liquid” mixture it is difficult to sculpt something, so you can use two spoons and use them to make oval blanks. The cream should be well cooled before this. Then cool the balls formed from it with an outer layer of breading again, preferably in the freezer (this increases the chances that the delicious dessert will not turn into a “smudge”).

Frying and serving

Fry balls or sticks of milk “dough” with a breading “shell” in a large amount of well-heated oil very fast (less than a minute). Then it is better to dry the fried milk on paper towels to remove excess fat.

And it would be nice to serve them sprinkled with icing and sprinkled with cinnamon, although here everyone is free to choose their own sweet additives and decorations to taste.



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