What is hair nanoplasty and how to do it at home

The appearance of hair completely depends on their condition and health. If the curls have become dull, parted and dry at the ends, it means that they lack vitamins and trace elements. There are many remedies that will help restore the hair to its former beauty, but unfortunately, the result will not last long. The development of the hairdressing industry gives women the opportunity to constantly remain attractive, as far as their curls are concerned. Nanoplastics of hair will get rid of existing damage, give them a healthy Shine and silkiness in a short time, and the result persists for up to six months.

Description of the procedure

Preparations that are used for nanoplastics are saturated with substances that are useful for hair, as well as safe chemical elements that penetrate deep into the hair structure and restore it at the cellular level. The structure of curls becomes healthy and strong, and nutrients restore the hair from the inside out. All the shortcomings of the hairstyle are eliminated, it becomes beautiful and well-groomed.

Do a nanoplasty only need a master who has been trained in this area and knows all the subtleties of the procedure. The master will check the condition of the hair, select the appropriate composition and the optimal heat treatment temperature.

What’s good about it

Preparations for the procedure have in their composition amino acids that penetrate into the keratin layer of curls due to heat treatment. Thanks to these components, even damaged hair gets a healthy look, while simultaneously straightening the structure, due to filling all the voids. Restored curls look healthy and well-groomed. During the action of keratin, damage to the hair is excluded during any heat treatments, which is important for those girls who do daily styling.

What are the disadvantages

One of the main drawbacks is that curls are faster to “get greasy” and they will have to be washed much more often. This is due to the fact that the applied substances remain on the hair during nanoplastics, and they contribute to rapid contamination. It is important to remember that after the procedure, the color of the hair will become several shades lighter. For this reason, there is no point in painting to nanoplastics. Each wizard will warn you that after nanoplastic to the time of the painting must be not less than a month.

Indications and contraindications

By and large, the procedure will not be superfluous for any woman. As contraindications, it is worth noting too thin, brittle and brittle hair. Such curls may simply not withstand the effects of chemical compounds, much less subsequent heat treatment. There is a certain paradox in this, because nanoplastics are designed to strengthen hair, but it can only be used on initially healthy and strong hair.

The effect of nanoplastics

After the conducted nanoplastic the customer will see the following benefits:

  • hair becomes flowing, healthy and attractive;
  • the used formulations are harmless to the body and restore the structure of the curl from the inside out;
  • strands stop tangling, do not get injured when combing, thereby gradually self-repair;
  • during the action of the useful composition, hair damage from thermal effects is excluded;
  • the effect of humidity on the hair leads to the fact that they are starting to curl;
  • installation is carried out quickly.

Possible negative consequences

Girls who have already undergone the procedure of restoring curls with the help of nanoplastics also note some negative aspects:

  • hair gets dirty quickly and has to be washed more often;
  • the price of the procedure is quite high;
  • the procedure is performed for a long time, at least 3.5 hours;
  • mandatory care after nanoplastic.

Ready-made trains

Only special formulations that were developed specifically for nanoplastics should be used for the procedure. Save in this case is not worth it, and buying expensive cosmetics from well-known companies will pay off with an excellent result. Masters order cosmetics for nanoplastics through their suppliers, with whom they work for a long time. In this case, there is no need to worry about security and a positive result.

Active substance

There are many substances in the composition of all nanoplastics, the main one being keratin. In addition to keratin, the composition includes silk and wheat proteins, argan oil, and collagen. These substances are quite useful for restoring curls to their former health and strength.

Principle of operation

The collected composition, when properly applied, gives the hair softness and Shine, protects against the negative effects of high temperatures during styling, restores elasticity and removes keratinized areas of the hair.

Popular media

The most commonly purchased formulations are the following brands: One Touch, Brazilian Oils, Black Diamond Botox, Cocochoco Pure. On the shelves of stores, you can also find not quite popular brands of nanoplastics, but this does not mean that they are of poor quality. Before buying, it is better to read the reviews, which will tell you in detail about the effect of the same simple customers.


Before heading to the procedure nanoplastic in the Pacific ocean, you must know the conditions of the performed manipulations. It is best to start by visiting several nearby salons and ask the masters about how relevant nanoplastics are in the current state of the hair.

Choosing a salon

The choice of salon should be taken especially carefully. To begin with, you can read customer reviews, and then come to a preliminary consultation and choose a master. Not every hair salon offers such a service, more often in the price list you can find keratin straightening or Botox, which is significantly different from nanoplastics. Ask the administrator exactly what procedure you are interested in, what master it is conducted by, how long it takes, what brand of tool is used and what the cost of the service is.

Getting to know the master

The specialist will start his work by assessing the condition of the curls. It is this factor that will influence the need for the procedure, the use of a particular composition and the determination of an acceptable temperature regime. Thin and too brittle hair may not withstand such a procedure, so the master will carefully examine the hair, and only after that will make his verdict. For your own comfort, you can request a diploma or certificate of completion of courses in nanoplastics.

Checking certificates for funds

The product applied to the curls must be certified. It is better to purchase funds in salons, where they will provide the appropriate certificates, or in the official online store, where the necessary documents are always sent to confirm the quality of the purchased products.

Step-by-step implementation of nanoplastics

The procedure is quite simple and fast, it does not require any special training. The master will get acquainted with the condition of the hair and determine the possible options for applying the composition.

Hair and scalp cleansing

Nanoplastic hair is not held in the contaminated hair. To begin with, the master cleanses the scalp and hair with a deep cleansing shampoo. After the procedure, such shampoos are forbidden to use, because the sulfate included in their composition will destroy keratin compounds and the effect of the procedure will soon become unnoticeable.

Application of the product

After washing, a special composition for nanoplastics is applied to the curls using a comb, strand by strand, carefully working through each zone. This remedy is left on the hair for about an hour. The instructions of the tool describe the application technology and the time interval for exposure, the master will determine it by the state of the curls. Do not overexpose substances, otherwise it will lead to exactly the opposite result.

Heat treatment

As a heat treatment, it is meant to pull the hair with an iron. Heat exposure allows useful substances to penetrate deep into the hair structure, while simultaneously straightening them. This step is extremely important, because the iron should touch every hair of the head.

The result of consolidation

After straightening the hair, there is still a part of the composition that needs to be washed off. Washing is carried out with the same sulfate-free shampoo using conditioner. Then a mask is applied to the curls, and then they are dried with a hair dryer. It is better to carry out simultaneous styling with brushing during drying, in order to straighten and effectively lay the hairstyle.

Follow-up hair care

After nanoplastic should not wash the hair for the first day. After the procedure, the masters recommend using shampoos without sulfates in the composition. Do not forget about balms and masks, they are used as with normal care. All recommendations for further care will tell the master, conductive nanoplastic. It is mandatory at first to exclude visiting saunas, baths, swimming pools, salt water reservoirs – all this will cause rapid destruction of keratin.

How to do it at home

Nanoplasty is often performed at home, but it should be noted that it is best to entrust this matter to a professional. If the girl picks up the wrong temperature of processing or overexposes the composition on the curls, negative consequences will not be avoided.

If you already have experience with such a procedure, you should prepare the following documents for it at home:

  • a comb and brush to apply the product;
  • an iron with temperature control;
  • hair dryer with hot and cold air supply.

At home nanoplastic are also gradually:

  1. Wash your curls or thoroughly moisturize them.
  2. Divide your hair into strands for easy application. Process each strand. You can not apply the product close to the roots, it is better to leave a few cm.Next, you should distribute the composition along the entire length of the hair, using a comb. The whole process is somewhat similar to hair coloring.
  3. Leave the mixture on your hair for 30 or 60 minutes, depending on the information that is described in the instructions.
  4. Rinse the product off with warm water, do not RUB your hair too hard with a towel, just blot the curls.
  5. Next, you need to dry your hair, alternating warm and cold air.
  6. With a heated iron, you should pull your hair out carefully, in small strands. Heat exposure should affect every hair, this stage in nanoplastics is extremely important. The temperature is selected based on the thickness of the hair. For thick hair, a temperature of 220 degrees will be suitable, for thin ones, 170-190 degrees will be enough. If the ends look dry after heat treatment, you can apply argan oil to them and once again walk with a heated iron.
  7. Then the hair is washed with a shampoo without sulfates in the composition (do not forget about the conditioner), and dried with a hair dryer.

After laying nanoplastic typically performed using a round brush, the only way to avoid Curling of hair on the tips.

How long does it last

Usually, the effect after such straightening remains on the hair from 3 to 6 months. Everything will depend on certain factors:

  • the composition used;
  • hair structure;
  • compliance with care for the tresses after the procedure.

Replacement of nanoplastics

Often, customers of beauty salons are interested in what is better to do to revive their hair, nanoplasty, keratin straightening or Botox? In fact, these are different procedures, you should know what their differences are and choose the one that will fit.

The difference from Botox

Botox is not rectified strands, but also, as neoplastica, he heals and heals them. If the hair curls, and the client just wants to improve their appearance, without straightening, then Botox is the best option. If in addition to the treatment in the end you would like to get more smoothness, then it is better to apply a nanoplasty.

From keratin straightening

Nanoplastics have only one difference from keratin straightening – the composition that is applied to the hair does not contain formaldehyde and its components. This fact makes the service safer, and the possibility of developing allergic reactions is minimized.

For example, in the European Union, formaldehyde is not allowed to be used at all, and hairdressers in the United States are required to warn the client about its presence in the products used. Nanoplastic is a repair procedure with an almost complete straightening of the hair. Keratinovoj directed just for straightening and smoothing the hair structure.

From visiplate

Both procedures are aimed at straightening the hair, but at the same time, nanoplasty also treats them at this time, but the second one does not. Bixiplastia is a type of long-term styling with the help of cold chemical action on the strands. Damage in this case will not go away, and even more so will not recover, the composition only fills the voids of the hair and further prevents it from drying out.

How to wash off nanoplastics

There are often situations when the procedure performed is of poor quality due to the irresponsible choice of a master or its implementation independently at home. In this case, it is necessary to wash the product off from the hair, because it can last up to six months.

Straightening composition can be removed from the hair, using special cosmetics or folk recipes, but the latter should be more careful. Some girls recommend just washing and combing your hair frequently. A visit to the swimming pools, baths and saunas will also help.

Shampoos containing sulfates will help to wash away the remaining keratin from the hair. Such means of deep cleansing are quite aggressive. On sale, you can also find ready-made formulations for flushing. A fairly popular tool is color Off, which is very popular among consumers. Ordinary lightening or highlighting will help to destroy keratin.

As folk recipes distinguish the use of honey and soda. After mixing these components, you need to add a little water and wash your hair with the product as well as shampoo. Tar soap is often used, but do not forget that it has an acrid smell, which can not be washed off for weeks.

Hair coloring, perming and straightening after the procedure

Any service, whether it is coloring, straightening or Curling after nanoplasty, the master will not allow you to carry out for at least a month. Perming is worth putting off altogether for half a year, because this procedure is quite aggressive. In any case, if a woman likes frequent and drastic changes, before any manipulation after nanoplasty, it is worth consulting with a hairdresser.

Training of craftsmen

Training of masters can be conducted in groups or individually. During the seminars, it is mandatory to practice on a live model. The duration of training is usually no more than 1 day. During this time, students receive a theoretical part of the study, and after that, they take turns participating in nanoplastics.

It is not necessary to have a profession as a hairdresser or take any preliminary courses. Seminars are held with students of any preparatory level, from novice to professional, for which they separately develop advanced training lessons. There is also distance learning, but this option is the least preferred of all that are offered on the beauty industry market.

Before starting an independent practice, it is still better to see the process in person, participate in it, feel the quality of the hair to the touch before and after the manipulation. With good training in hairdressing, distance learning is still allowed.

Recommendations from hairdressers

Any master after the performed nanoplasty is obliged to give recommendations for care, otherwise the result will not last very long. It is necessary to remove from the Arsenal of sulfate shampoos, they deeply cleanse the hair and even destroy keratin with frequent use.

In addition, it is worth protecting yourself from visiting swimming pools, saunas and baths. High temperatures have a negative impact not only on the hair itself, but also on the composition that remains on them after nanoplastic.


The cost of any procedure directly depends on the status of the salon where it will be held, and on the region of residence. The price of nanoplastics for an average length will be about 5000 rubles. Restoration of long hair will cost no less than 7000 rubles. In the case of manipulations for hair, saving is absolutely unnecessary. The result of cheap compositions and unprofessionalism of the master can be extremely deplorable. Restore damaged hair cheaply in this case, it will not be possible.


Natalia, 42 years old, Moscow: “For a long time I did not dare to do a nanoplasty, all my friends said that the applied composition can not have a positive effect on the condition of the hair, because it is completely made of chemistry. Nevertheless, the procedure was performed for me. To say that I am happy is an understatement. Just a couple of hours later, my hair became flowing, shiny and beautiful.»

Anna, 25 years old, Krasnodar: “Do nanoplastic for several years and each time am amazed at the result as the first time. When the composition is washed off and the hair gradually begins to deteriorate from daily thermal effects on it, I again sign up to my favorite master for the procedure.»

The before and after photos nanoplastic hair

Nanoplastic is a unique procedure that looks like a long-term blow and hair treatment on a deep level at the same time. Contraindications this procedure has almost no, it is often used even during pregnancy and lactation, when the hair becomes lifeless and loses its former attractiveness. The universal method will allow you to get healthy and beautiful curls in just 3 hours.

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