What is hair shielding?

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Hair shielding is a cosmetic and therapeutic procedure aimed at restoring damaged hair, giving it a shiny protective layer. The dream of any girl who wants to have the same beautiful, lush, shiny hair like models and actresses on TV screens can come true today.

Having learned about the existence of screening, not every woman will dare to do this. It can be harmful, dangerous, and negative consequences can occur.

What is the essence of the method

Shielding, or shining (translated as “shine”) is a complex hair care procedure, after which it gains shine and strengthens from the inside. The secret to obtaining radiant beauty is the use of products based on essential oils of plants. Nutrients penetrate into each hair, eliminate structural disturbances, and strengthen them. The oils used create a thin surface film – a screen that gives a radiant effect.

When performing shining, the hair is sequentially impregnated with special compounds. Some are needed for the disclosure of hair scales. Others feed them with healthy cocktails. And still others create spectacular shining protection.


Depending on the materials used, the following types of shielding are distinguished: transparent and colored. When transparent, the hair is nourished, restored, shine, emphasizing the existing shade. During color screening, in addition to all of the above, a tint is given parallel to the hair. But it should be noted that the stability of toning is much lower than when coloring.

In terms of its result, the lamination procedure is very similar to shielding. Only in the first case, the effect is achieved not only external, but also therapeutic, and in the second – exclusively cosmetic.

What is the effect of shielding

When screening, thanks to the penetration of nutrients deep into the hair, it is restored and the water balance normalized. Women should consider screening if:

  • there is damage to the hair with styling products;
  • in the past there were exposure to aggressive media (dyeing, perm);
  • the hair became dull and brittle.

The shielding procedure creates not only a radiant appearance. The useful substances used also have a therapeutic effect. Eventually:

  • damaged structures are restored;
  • dryness and split ends disappear;
  • color screening gently tones the hair without damaging it;
  • the volume increases;
  • the process of combing and styling is facilitated;
  • hair protection from the negative influence of weather factors appears.

The result of the procedure is visible immediately. Usually it lasts 1-3 weeks, but this is individual. From daily shampooing, the protective layer gradually disappears. But the effect of shielding is cumulative, so the masters advise taking a course of 5-8 sessions. You can do shielding with an interval of 2 weeks, then repeat the course in 8-10 months.

Contraindications and consequences

Having decided to treat your hair, it should be borne in mind that not everyone can do this by screening. Such a treatment procedure has certain contraindications:

  • alopecia;
  • oily hair type;
  • skin diseases on the head;
  • trauma and open wounds;
  • allergic reaction.

If there are contraindications that do not allow shielding, you can choose another procedure with a specialist. After all, this is not the only way to make your hairstyle attractive.

The procedure also has negative sides.

  • hair begins to become highly electrified;
  • strands become heavier and get dirty faster;
  • the result from one procedure is short-lived.

The effect of shielding is invisible on thick, long and healthy hair.

Procedure and cost

The cost of the service depends on the length of the hair, the firm of the chosen set of products and the place where the screening will be done. A session with Paul Mitchell products will be released at approximately 1600-5000 r. Estel funds – 500-2000 rubles, Kemon – 3000 rubles. (the prices shown are valid for February 2019).

Everything happens as follows:

  1. Selection of the medicinal composition.
  2. Gentle cleansing with a special shampoo.
  3. Application of a mask with the addition of essential oils.
  4. Drying curls after removing the mask. Then they are treated with spray and oil to level the cuticle surface.
  5. Application of a mixture that protects the upper stratum corneum. It is she who gives smoothness and shine.
  6. Drying and applying fixing balm.
  7. Styling.

Shielding is done within an hour. 1-2 days before the procedure, it is advisable to correct the hairstyle, trim the ends.

Home procedure

home hair shielding products

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Hair shielding can be done at home. To do this, you need to purchase a set of suitable branded drugs, since there are no folk recipes. The most common:

Name Composition Description
Q3 Blond Estel Professional (Russia) Q3 Blond two-phase conditioner, Q3 Blond oil, Q3 Luxury gloss oil, argan oil, macadamia nut, camellia oil Suitable for bleached hair. Moisturizes and strengthens curls, normalizes pH, adds shine, eliminates yellow tint, protects
Q3 Therapy Estel Professional (Russia) Q3 Intense Two Phase Spray, Q3 Therapy Oil, Q3 Therapy Shine Oil, Macadamia Oil, Avocado, Argan, Walnut, Camellia, Grape Seed Oil Suitable for dull, brittle and damaged hair. Nourishes, saturates with moisture and nutrients, protects
Paul Mitchell – colorless (PM Clear Shine), color – PM Shine (USA) Shampoo, moisturizing mask, oleic acid and soy protein, detangler Makes hair smooth, silky, nourishes, repairs damage. With color screening, before applying the composition to the hair, a pigment is injected into it (there are 32 shades)

The cost of the Q3 hair shielding kits from Estelle varies from 2,000 to 3,000 rubles. Sets from Paul Mitchell are much more expensive, their cost ranges from 5800 to 7000 rubles.

The drugs should be purchased only in company stores or from official representatives.


Having acquired the means necessary for carrying out shielding, you should carefully study the instructions for use attached to them. Particularly important are the consistency of drug use and the holding time. The home procedure is done as follows:

  1. Thorough shampooing with a professional cleansing shampoo, then lightly blot the hair with a towel.
  2. Applying conditioner to the entire hair length. According to the instructions, the conditioner is washed off or the hair is simply dried with a towel.
  3. Application of a screening agent. If it is colored, it may need to be mixed with an oxidizing agent (if indicated in the instructions). It is important to respect the recommended proportions. The product is evenly applied to the hair, kept for the specified time and washed off.
  4. Drying your hair.
  5. Application of fixing oil. It is evenly distributed along the entire length from root to tip.
  6. Styling.

After going through the screening procedure, it is not advised to wash your hair for 2-3 days.

Follow-up hair care

Every woman who is going to undergo the screening procedure should know that after that certain rules should be followed:

  • you can not use shampoos for deep cleansing containing alkali;
  • care products must not contain alcohol;
  • if the hair is electrified, anti-static shampoos should be used;
  • after washing your hair, you need to use a conditioner balm;
  • it is recommended to use the products (shampoo, balm) of the manufacturer whose set was used for screening.

Shielding is a great way to restore weakened hair to health and protect it from harmful environmental factors and styling. This is especially important for those living in large cities. Their hair is more susceptible to negative influences, which, even with good care, often dull and become lifeless. Trusting a professional or performing the procedure yourself according to the instructions is everyone’s choice.

Author: Tatiana Novoselova,

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