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Ketogenic diets continue to gain popularity among those looking after their health and well-being. We are talking about “ketogenesis” or the process of creating certain organic substances by the body – ketones. The latter function as an energy source, apart from fatty acids, at a time when carbohydrate intake is reduced. Every diet works as long as you stick to it. This has been proven by scientists. But not everyone is able to give up sweets, so they allow themselves cheat meals on a keto diet. The latter has many advantages, which has been proven by various studies. This is an ideal weight loss option for those who love fatty meat and cannot exclude sweets and bread.

You are probably one of those people who think whether to cheat on a diet or not. After all, the temptation to eat something from the forbidden list of foods arose in each of us. Let’s sort it out together.

What is a cheat meal and why is it recommended?

We are talking about a planned and deliberate malnutrition during a diet. It looks like this: you have been following a strict diet for several weeks without breaking. Then you plan a time when you can allow yourself to eat junk or high-calorie foods once every 24 hours. For example, many people choose pizza, dumplings, condensed milk with cookies or pie. Some people just gorge themselves on chocolate. In order not to start chocolate addiction, it is better to refrain from any use of sweets and chocolate from the very beginning, but the time should be limited.

Many athletes devote one day to eating harmful substances. But this option is more correctly called cheatday. Currently, not everyone is familiar with this method, as it is considered new in the framework of low-carb diets, so most of the rules and frameworks are still blurred or explained in different ways. Basically, this option is recommended by trainers who would like to please their wards – so the client will be satisfied.

Why is cheat meal bad for the keto diet?

First, remember the most important rule of keto nutrition – to overcome carbohydrate addiction and rethink your eating behavior. Imagine a person who smokes a cigarette once every 7 days is considered a smoker? Of course yes. So in your case – you won’t be able to overcome sugar addiction and rebuild your own eating habits with cheat meals on an ongoing basis. You will just constantly think and wait for the day when carbohydrate freedom comes, and not “ketosis”, as it should be.

Thus, due to the cheat meal, in the context of a ketogenic diet, the main goal cannot be achieved.

Second, remember your health. What do you think occurs in the body during keto adaptation? In short, we are talking about stress. A keto cheat meal simply throws the body out of the latter. Just one glass of juice is enough for this to happen. What’s next? You go into ketosis again, and the body experiences keto adaptation, that is, stress. The latter is different for each person. It depends on your adaptability – the more adaptive, the easier the body restructuring will take place. Constant stress is too harmful. Also, due to cheat meal, the process of losing weight on a keto diet can take a long time.

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What if you have a sweet tooth on keto?

If you are faced with the desire to eat something harmful at the very beginning of the keto path, then the answer is obvious – to endure. Your main goal is to overcome your addiction to sweets. We are talking about physical dependence on this type of food. The best option would be to just wait and endure this time, than to immediately ruin all your undertakings. The minimum period you need to go through is keto adaptation. During this time, your body will learn to consume decomposed fats. The latter act as a kind of fuel. In time, this period can take 1-3 months.

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You can't eat sweets

This will be followed by a psychological dependence. It will take about three months here to change your eating habits. After this keto regimen, many people begin to perceive carbohydrates as something ordinary, and not something desirable. But, it is important to understand that all people are different, therefore, perhaps in a week you will feel like a different person. And for someone, even a year will not be enough. Always listen to yourself and resolve such issues yourself.

Keto cheat meal alternatives

Of course, there is another way, and maybe even several. When you feel fully refreshed and overcome addictions, you will be able to get acquainted with delicious keto desserts. It is better not to start with them in advance. This way you won’t want to cook such goodies more than once every two weeks. Remember, the right desserts, which are considered low carb, will not knock you out of ketosis. Maximum – they will lower its level, but in a day everything will return to its place.

Now you know that it is better to give preference to the right desserts. Moreover, they need to be eaten rarely.. It’s better to forget about cheat meals on a keto diet altogether.… Even low-carb sweets trigger unwanted processes in the body. You can always go back to your usual diet, but why not try something new. The keto diet is a great tool to help cleanse your body and get rid of your carbohydrate addiction.

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