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What is overexposed skin syndrome and who faces it

In caring for their appearance, women make two mistakes: some do not care for their skin the way they should. Some, on the contrary, are so addicted to newfangled procedures that they simply get the result of overexposed skin.

What is overexposed skin syndrome and who faces it

  1. Who is threatened
  2. What is the danger
  3. Signs of overweight
  4. How to care for

Who is threatened

If a woman takes care of her skin only with the help of home cosmetics, then it is impossible to achieve over-grooming. When numerous procedures are performed in beauty salons, potent drugs act on the skin. This leads to the fact that the care is simply overdone.

Up to 35 years old, you can not overdo it with hardware procedures, beauty injections, as well as peels. When the period of menopause comes, there will be no overexertion syndrome, since the skin will simply begin to fade.

What is overexposed skin syndrome and who faces it

What is the danger

The skin can simply dry out. This happens for the reason that the specialist has replaced the natural secretion of sebum with artificial regulation. The result is dehydrated skin that constantly lacks moisture.

If you constantly urge the skin to renew itself, you can simply deplete all its reserves. Hardware techniques help cells to operate at full capacity. At first, the skin responds, but then it simply cannot do it.

What is overexposed skin syndrome and who faces it

Signs of overweight

1. Overdrying is the first sign. Peeling indicates it. It may even be where it was not before. For example, the wings of the nose, between the eyebrows. This happens from excessive enthusiasm for drugs that contain acid.

2. Excessive moisture appears when a woman does too often hardware procedures that rejuvenate the skin. The face just seems taut. Such a face is usually said to be like a liquid apple.

3. A white face happens when you overdo it with whitening drugs. The skin takes on an unnatural whiteness. It simply becomes bloodless.

4. Excessive enthusiasm for beauty injections leads to the fact that the face changes shape, which looks unnatural.

What is overexposed skin syndrome and who faces it

How to care for

It is necessary to care for the skin in such a way that the balance is observed. It is bad when the skin looks unkempt, but also bad when excessive skin care leads to disastrous results. A competent and experienced cosmetologist should tell you how to do it correctly.

Balance is important in everything. Sufficient and constant skin care is simply necessary, but you should not overdo it with salon procedures.

What is overexposed skin syndrome and who faces it


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