What is the best antiperspirant? What are and how to choose the right one

Are deodorant and antiperspirant the same thing or not?


Deodorant and antiperspirant are completely different things. These funds differ primarily in the purpose of their application. When choosing, you should understand for what purpose the product is intended: to block sweat, hide the smell or care for the skin.

Features of a deodorant

The deodorant removes the effects of perspiration, reduces the activity of bacteria and masks the unpleasant odor due to aromatic fragrances. But it does not affect the work of the sweat glands in any way.

Features of antiperspirant

Antiperspirant works more efficiently. It slows down the activity of the sweat glands and reduces the production of sweat. Antiperspirants, thanks to salts and zinc, block the sweat glands. However, excessively frequent use causes a violation of heat transfer. Therefore, it is advisable to alternate the use of a strong antiperspirant with a regular deodorant. An antiperspirant deodorant combines the effects of both.

Types of antiperspirants


Spray or aerosol – does not come into direct contact with the skin, does not contain additives. However, it is not recommended for allergy sufferers, as it gets into the respiratory organs when sprayed. Suitable for simultaneous use by multiple people. Spray is one of the simplest forms. Allows you to quickly process a large area, is safe. However, its efficiency is far from the highest in comparison with other models. The composition does not penetrate deeply, the product is quickly consumed and does not guarantee maximum protection.

Liquid ball, roller – easy to apply, economically consumed. But you need to wait until the deodorant is absorbed into the skin, otherwise white spots may appear on the clothes. Roll-on deodorant covers the surface more densely than spray. The bottle is also easy to transport, it will fit in any handbag.


Creams and gels, powders – easily absorbed, provide additional skin care. The cost efficiency is average. The disadvantages include the cost, since they are much more expensive than the previously described deodorants and antiperspirants. However, they are more natural in composition, take good care of the skin, and include nutrients. In this case, aromatic fragrances are made from natural substances.

Solid sticks – practical in that you do not need to wait until dry, do not leave stains behind. However, if talc is present in the composition, the stick can leave unwanted marks. Therefore, it is better to choose sticks without talcum powder. Deocrystals, which contain crystalline alum, which inhibit the growth of bacteria, are a separate option. The solid composition is absorbed deep into the skin and allows the components to penetrate. Often fortified with vitamins.

Napkins – a novelty among antiperspirants. Easy-to-carry, wet wipes block sweat and help refresh your body. Can also be used for feet and palms. These wipes cleanse the skin well, contain an antioxidant, leave no residue and last up to 24 hours.

Popular brands and manufacturers


There are a wide variety of deodorants and antiperspirants on the market, from inexpensive to luxury. Among the most popular brands are Garnier, Rexona, Niveа, Chistaya Liniya, Dove.

Deodorant formulations usually include alcohol, triclosan and farnesol. Be careful with alcohol, for some owners of dry skin such a deodorant will not work and will only provoke skin irritation. Much more gentle – alcohol-free deodorant with triclosan and farnesol. However, in some countries triclosan is banned. It is effective in fighting bacteria, but it can negatively affect the thyroid gland. The safest option is farnesol, a natural substance derived from oils.

Composition is an important factor in finding the right deodorant and antiperspirant.


The composition should include:

– Components that fight bacteria – triclosan, glyceryl, chlorhexidine, terpefarnesol

– Powdered sweat products – talcum powder, perfumed powder

– Zinc salts to prevent perspiration

– Soothing elements – aloe, avocado, vitamin E and amino acids

– Caring agents – plant extracts, chamomile, natural oils

– Minerals that block sweat odor – perlite.

Top 10 Best Antiperspirants for Women – Ranked 2020


Nivea “Epowder effect “

Powder microparticles cover the skin with a soft film that prevents the appearance of sweat. The composition contains moisturizing ingredients that care for the skin. Of the pluses, they also indicate an affordable price and lack of smell. Kaolin powder gives delicate sensations to the skin, protects for 48 hours, does not interrupt the smell of perfume. It is important that this antiperspirant does not contain ethyl alcohol. The disadvantages include the possibility of marks on clothes in the event of incomplete drying.

GO Fresh Dove

Does not contain alcohol and is suitable even for sensitive skin. The line provides a wide range of fragrances. It is instantly absorbed, but also leads to the formation of marks if used incorrectly. In terms of the strength of the action, it will withstand even prolonged strength training. The range contains both ball and spray options. In total, more than 12 fragrances have been developed for every taste. The action of the remedy is enough for the whole day, it copes well with the task of neutralizing sweat.

Rexona Motionsense with antibacterial effect

This product is specially designed for sports girls. It has a neutral odor. Available in cream gel, roll-on and spray. It does not leave any stains, five types of smells are available in the collection. Neutral scents are revealed during outdoor activities. The texture of the cream allows you to economically spend the product, so it lasts for several months. Protects from sweat and odor for up to 12 hours. Among the shortcomings, users note the possibility of stick breakage when pressed hard and its rapid contamination.


Lady Speed Stick Fresh & Essence

A wide variety of fruit flavors are available. Does not contain alcohol, the series is suitable for sensitive and dry skin. If used incorrectly, lumps form in the armpit area. The downside is the pungent smell of the components. Absorbs quickly but will not provide protection during exercise, and intense fragrances can cause allergies.

“Clean line”

The Russian manufacturer has developed a line of extracts based on natural herbs. A choice of chamomile, sage and jasmine. Protects 48 hours, contains no preservatives, exclusively natural composition. Suitable even for allergy sufferers. Since it does not contain additives, it is instantly absorbed and leaves no residue. Another clear advantage is its budget cost.

Fa Sport Ultimate Dry

Guaranteed strong protection – up to 96 hours. Suitable for women leading a sporty and active lifestyle. An odorless product equipped with a convenient dispenser that allows you to gently and accurately distribute the substance over the armpit area. Of the minuses – the dispenser sometimes deteriorates.


Garnier NEO

The deodorant contains an invisible skin care cream. It softens the skin well, does not contain odor. Despite its creamy texture, it does not stain. The packaging is small and compact. It is quickly absorbed, lasts up to 12 hours.

Nivea Antiperspirant “Invisible Clear”

Has successfully eliminated the main disadvantages typical for conventional sticks that leave abundant stains on things. It contains substances that prevent the formation of stains. Easily absorbed and does not form a film on the skin.

Adidas Climacool

Another antiperspirant option for outdoor activities. Menthol and citrus fruits in the composition are activated during movement and dissolve on the skin. The composition is non-stick and non-staining. Thanks to the convenient ball, it is easy to apply evenly over the entire surface.

Crystal Body Deodorant

A practical option for every day, consisting of deocrystals on potassium alum in the form of a stick. Can even be used by pregnant women. Does not contain odor and harmful substances. Has a disinfectant effect and kills germs. A very economical product, one tube lasts for several years. Of the minuses – if you constantly moisten the tube and forget to dry, then stones can fall out.


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