What is the difference between a prison and a stew?

What is the difference between a prison and a stew?

Tyurya is a historical dish of Russian cuisine. It differs from other dishes in that it is prepared without heat treatment.

Tyuryu was made from bread and bread crusts. Broken bread was poured with water or kvass, salt, vegetable oil and onions were added. Poor peasants ate such food every day. This food is simple, cheap and high in calories. Any vegetables that were in the house were also added to the jail.

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There is a dish called murtsovka in culinary records that is close to prison in composition. Preparing a purse is simple: sauerkraut is diluted with water or kvass with the addition of oil and onions.

Pikul’s novel “Moonzund” contains an interesting description of the murtsovka variant.
“Murtsovka from the cold was good. Crumbs are put into strong tea, after pouring boiling water over it to kill the worms; then the coca put the butter in there and crumble the onions – the purse is ready. The drink is hot, thick, nourishing. Even the sailor is crazy about beer. ”

The recipe seems exotic by modern standards. He interested me. In the morning, early in the strong tea, I put fried black bread and the rest on the list. The impression of the dish is extraordinary, we can say that the combination of products is unusual. In the author’s version, murtsovka can only be eaten by the very hungry. The taste is bland, but not disgusting. After adding salt and pepper, we got a hot drink with onions. Those who are naturally curious can try it themselves.

What is the difference between a prison and a stew?
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Folk cooks have even invented a vodka jar. Black radish and onions are added to it. I will not advertise, those interested themselves will find the recipe on the Internet.

In the modern version, the jail resembles okroshka. It is prepared without heat treatment, vegetables are crumbled into kvass or kefir and herbs are added. Okroshka is an irreplaceable cold food on a hot day. Deservedly loved in cities and villages, it is included in the menu of restaurants and cafes.

What is the difference between a prison and a stew?
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Chowder is a type of hot soup. The dish is cooked over a fire, unlike churi. Cooking time 20-30 minutes. According to the rules, it is prepared in water, without the use of meat and fish. The name of the dish is given by the main ingredient. This component can be potatoes, then it will be a potato stew. Accordingly, mushroom, corn, onion, lentil and so on.

Initially, the stew was made from crushed wheat grains. The first mention of the dish dates back to the 4th century. And already in the 15th century, the French were preparing up to 70 types of soup. Before the first spoons appeared, the brew was drunk over the edge of the bowl. With the invention of spoons, the process of eating food has become more aesthetically pleasing.

The story of the legendary lentil soup from the Bible story and the sale of the birthright is dramatic. It is about the two sons of Isaac and Rebekah. The eldest son Esau (sometimes called Esau) had the birthright. He inherited most of the property, had honor and respect.
The youngest son Jacob was a meek homebody. His mother loved him, and he often helped her with the housework. One day Esau returned from a hunt while Jacob was making a lentil brew. The elder brother was hungry and asked Jacob for food: “Give me the red that you cook.” Red was a dish of boiled lentils.
The cunning Jacob agreed to feed his brother in exchange for the birthright. The hungry Esau was a simpleton and immediately agreed. So Jacob became the eldest in the family.

Matthias Stom,
Matthias Stom, “Sale of the Birthright”

Lentil stew turned out to be the most expensive stew in the world, and we use the winged expression “for lentil stew” when we see a person who sacrificed himself dear and valuable for the sake of momentary pleasure.

Famous artists were inspired by this legend from the Old Testament. So lentil stew appeared on the canvases of Matthias Stom “Sale of the Birthright”, Jan Viktors “Esau and Jacob”, Henrik Terbruggen “Lentil Stew”. There are a number of other artists who capture this moment.

Tyurya, murtsovka, krochevo, okroshka, soup are the names of old Russian dishes. Recipes for preparing such food are found all over the world. The division by method and composition is conditional. The main point in the preparation of these dishes: the ingredients crumbled and poured into liquid. The chowder was cooked over the fire, the rest of the dishes were served without heat treatment.

What is the difference between a prison and a stew?
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From a historical point of view, food is a cultural element. Reflects the social and economic side of society. Namely, in difficult times of famine, turi and stews appeared.

Food looks different today. The average person’s menu includes yoghurts, puddings, steaks, cakes, ice cream and an endless array of foods. Technology and the development of the culinary art make it possible to invent complex compositions of food addictions, combine incongruous, taste dishes of national cuisines from all over the world.

However, there is an opinion of nutritionists that the smaller the composition of the food in the dish, the more beneficial it is for health. Therefore, eat turkey or light soup and you will be as healthy as our ancestors.


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