What is the difference between stew, stew and canned meat?


Well, what about, for example, GOST 5284–84 “Canned meat” Beef stew “? It’s very simple: it doesn’t work in Russia. GOST was developed back in Soviet times and put into effect in 1985. It has nothing to do with modern canned meat.

Here is a list of stewed meat ingredients according to the Soviet GOST:

  • meat and beef GOST 779 (except for lean), carcasses weighing at least 60 kg, cooled, chilled and frozen no more than once, except for bull meat;
  • trimmed beef with a fat and connective tissue content of not more than 6%;
  • trimmed beef with a fat and connective tissue content from 6 to 14%;
  • raw beef fat;
  • rendered edible beef or bone fat GOST 25292;
  • fresh onions GOST 1723 or dried onions GOST 7587;
  • edible table salt GOST 13830, evaporated or stone, self-depositing, cage grinding N 0 and 1, not lower than the first grade;
  • black pepper;
  • bay leaf (dry) GOST 17594.

For the sake of interest, you can compare with the compositions of stew in stores.

Modern stew is, in fact, called meat-containing canned food, where meat can be less than 5% (!!!) of the mass. The basis of such “stew” is water and soybeans.

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Canned stewed meat

For stew in Russia, the GOST 32125–2013 “Canned meat. Stewed meat “. It regulates the production of stewed beef, pork, lamb, horse meat and venison in the CIS.

Here is an example of the requirements for premium beef stew according to GOST:

  • The product should have the characteristic smell and taste of the spicy stew without any off-flavors. In a heated state, the product is meat in pieces of arbitrary shape weighing at least 30 grams without coarse connective tissue, large blood vessels and lymph nodes. When removed from the jar, the pieces must retain their shape, partial disintegration is allowed.
  • Pieces weighing at least 30 grams make up no more than 10% of the total weight.
  • The consistency of the meat should be juicy, undigested.
  • The appearance of the heated broth is slightly cloudy, yellowish or light brown in color. The presence of protein suspension in the form of flakes is allowed.
  • The presence of impurities is not allowed.
  • Mass fraction of meat and fat – not less than 58%. Protein mass fraction – not less than 15%. Mass fraction of salt – from 1 to 1.5%.

Canned meat

This canned product is made according to GOST 34153−2017 “Meat-containing canned food for children over three years old.”

Just compare the requirements to a stew and see the difference:

  • Canned meat-containing lumps contain pieces of meat or offal and vegetable components weighing from 5.0 to 20.0 g of arbitrary shape in their own juice, sauce or broth.
  • Should not contain cartilage and coarse connective tissue. The broth requirements are the same as in the stew.

So the difference in the size of the pieces of meat, as well as the permission to supplement the meat with non-meat – soy, for example.

Accordingly, trying to find stew in stores is pointless. There is only stew or canned meat.


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