What is the normal blood sugar level?

  • The norm for people 14-60 years old is the level of 3.3-5.5 mmol / l.

In order for the study to be objective and correctly reflect the patient’s condition, the analysis should be carried out on an empty stomach, that is, at least 8 hours after eating. The value of 3.3-5.5 mmol / l in peripheral blood is indicated as the norm on an empty stomach.

In older people

With age, the rate of biological processes in the body changes. In this regard, for representatives of the older (over 60 years old) age, the normal blood glucose value is considered 4.6-6.5 mmol / l.

After meal

After eating, the glucose content rises, and then begins to gradually decrease. This is the basis for a diagnostic test that allows you to assess the rate of glucose utilization in the body – a glucose tolerance test.


The diagnosis of diabetes mellitus is made by registering the blood glucose level from 7.0 mmol / l. Figures over 5.5 (the highest value of the norm), but not exceeding 6.9 mmol / L, indicate a condition called “prediabetes”.

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However, with the right treatment, the sugar content in diabetic patients should approach the values ​​of the age norm.

During pregnancy

Some women have a high blood sugar level during pregnancy. This condition in medicine is called gestational diabetes. It occurs with a frequency of about 3%.

The peculiarity of this phenomenon is that it develops only in pregnant women, and after the birth of a child it passes on its own. However, despite the tendency to self-regression, gestational diabetes is not as harmless as it might seem. It can lead to complications in childbirth and disorders in the fetus.

Hyperglycemia during pregnancy is associated with changes in hormonal levels.

Risk factors are:

  • obesity;
  • heredity;
  • age over 30 years.
What is the normal blood sugar level?
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Among women

In women outside the state of pregnancy, the normal indicator of blood sugar is considered 3.3-5.5 mmol / l… From the age of 50, the blood glucose level begins to gradually increase. This is due to a gradual restructuring of the hormonal background, as well as a decrease in tissue sensitivity to the effects of the hormone insulin.

Indicators of blood sugar levels in women in the medical literature are presented in the form of a table, which shows the changes depending on age.

In men

As in women, in the male body, the blood sugar content depends on age and gradually increases as the body ages. Especially the blood glucose level in men over 50 deserves close attention. It must be constantly maintained at a normal level; even minor deviations should not be allowed.

In children

In children who have reached adolescence, the values ​​of glucose concentration in the blood are close to those in adults. The gap is considered the norm 4.1-5.9 mmol / L.

What is the normal blood sugar level?
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Children under 14 have lower blood sugar 3.3-5.6 mmol / l.

The lowest blood glucose concentration in newborn babies at the age of 1 month: 2.8-4.4 mmol / l.

Determining the concentration of glucose in the blood, experts compare it with normal values. For correct diagnosis, it is necessary to take into account the change in normal values ​​depending on gender, age and other circumstances.

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