What is the secret of Princess Diana’s favorite clutches

Every piece in which Princess Diana appeared in public, instantly became an object of desire and part of the royal story. For example, “dress of revenge”, which has become a symbol of fatal beauty and feminine strength. Lady Dee’s favorite bags also had their own legend. In this article, we will focus on the miniature clutches that the princess always took with her to social events. There were a lot of them in her collection – red, black and blue, oval, classic rectangular and many others. They barely fit anything, but they didn’t need to. These clutches served a completely different practical purpose.

Princess Diana, 1995

© Tim Graham

The princess has always loved spectacular dresses with a neckline. Everything was fine in these outfits, if not for one minus – the neckline treacherously slipped even lower when Lady Dee got out of the car. The photographers adored this moment and tried to catch the princess in those seconds. But the enterprising Lady Dee did not give the paparazzi a reason – she came up with the idea of ​​using her handbags as a cover. The princess called them so – neckline clutches. The accessory has repeatedly saved Diana from scandalous shots.

Princess Diana, 1995

© Tim Graham

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