What is tickling?

But do not rush to agree to “do tickling”, because tickling is (from the English tickle – tickling) sexual arousal (orgasm) from tickling.

I don’t know how things are with others, but if you tickle me, instead of getting excited, I’ll start telling all the military secrets I don’t know. This I mean, tickling for me is a real torture.

And it’s not just torture for me. Tickling was tortured even in antiquity – in the Stone Age, in the Bronze Age, in the Iron Age, in the Middle Ages … Maybe in our time someone is tickled with addiction. But let’s not talk about it.

Let’s better talk about a cheerful and pleasant tickle, the nature of which has hardly been studied until now, although many more of the greatest minds, such as Aristotle, Charles Darwin and Galileo, tried to explain why tickling passes along such a fine line between pain and pleasure and why we cannot tickle ourselves.

Psychologists divide tickling into two categories.

  • The first of them is knismesis. These are light touches that make your skin itch, but you don’t want to laugh.
  • The second type of tickling is gargalesis, repeated, harder touches of sensitive areas in order to induce laughter.

And monkeys do not divide in any way. They just tickle each other for fun and to socialize. And they even laugh out loud. They love the tickling of a rat – also for pleasure and for laughter. Fortunately, at the same time, their laughter is heard only in the ultrasonic range, otherwise there would be wild laughter throughout the city. And in the village. And on ships of all … In general, the whole planet would be full of rzhach.

I don’t know how girls share a tickle, but adult aunties don’t like tickling at all (I know from experience). Grown uncles – too (I judge by myself). But for children it is funny and fun when they are tickled quietly. Precisely – quietly. Indeed, from prolonged laughter, spasms of the respiratory muscles can occur and a person can suffocate. Death, by the way. So be careful with tickling!

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If your girlfriend did suggest you tickling, then she may have had the flu and need medical attention. After all, tickling just cures the flu. Since there is no qualified medical care in the monkey environment, monkeys are intuitively tickled. Apparently, your girlfriend woke up something ancient, ape-subconscious. It’s okay – this often happens to girls.

But if your girlfriend, being healthy, with memory and clear consciousness, asks you to tickle her, then she is simply bored. Or she lacks the extra thrill of your insipid life together. Well, if not enough, then tickle her for health!

Precisely – to health. Be aware of the dangers of extremes. And how to tickle and where – in practice, find out for yourself.

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