What is vinegar?

How did vinegar come about? According to one of the legends, for the first time this product was obtained by accident, greatly exceeding the shelf life of wine in barrels. Content has become acidic due to excessive storage. They have adapted to use it as a seasoning.

However, not all vinegar varieties originate from sour wine.

Table vinegar

This is the same “ordinary”, sour smell and colorless, transparent product. It is very common in households and food production. This product is the result of a whole complex of reactions between ethyl alcohol and various chemical substances. Both in cooking and on the farm, both 70% acetic acid and a 9% solution called table vinegar are used.

Apple vinegar

This variety has a milder taste and smell. It is obtained from apples (juice or puree). Apple cider vinegar, like table vinegar, is widely used in cooking. And besides, it appears in some recipes of traditional medicine.

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Red wine vinegar

It is a fermented product of red wine. Fermentation is traditionally carried out in an oak barrel. This contributes to the acquisition of special taste aromatic qualities in the final product. Red wine vinegar is used for dressing salads, as well as for making marinades, sauces and snacks.

White wine vinegar

It is distinguished from red by a softer taste. Fermentation of raw materials is carried out in steel tanks. This kind of vinegar is used in the preparation of soups, broths, marinades and sauces.

The most noble variety of white wine vinegar is champagne vinegar, the raw material for which is white sparkling wine. It is believed to have a softer, more refined taste.

Sherry vinegar made from sherry aged in oak barrels for a long time (at least six months) can also be mentioned as a variety.

Rice vinegar

Having a sweetish flavor, it is well suited for canning and pickles. Used as a seasoning for meat or fish. It is obtained from fermented rice wine or rice mixed with sugar and water.

What is vinegar?
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Balsamic vinegar

The product, which has a thick consistency, sweet and sour taste, enriched with the used spices, is used in cooking as a seasoning to add new flavors to salads, desserts, juices, sauces and other dishes.

It is prepared in Italy according to traditional recipes from grape must. The production consists of two stages: boiling fresh juice to obtain a thick syrupy mass and infusion, which can last for years and even decades. The longer the balsamic vinegar is stored in special barrels, the sweeter its taste and thicker texture becomes. It is known that balsamic vinegar can be aged for up to 100 years.

What is vinegar?
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Malt vinegar

This variety is made from beer wort that has already fully fermented. This product has a mild taste with fruity notes. This seasoning is most common in Canada and the UK, where it is used as an ingredient in sauces and marinades. It is used for dressing salads and traditional national dishes.

Knowing the whole variety of varieties and types of vinegar allows you to add additional flavors to even the most common dishes. Some varieties are indispensable for national cuisine.

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