What is zebra highlighting?

Stylists, inspired by nature, have developed a type of coloring that has become the embodiment of the most daring ideas. It happened a long time ago, but our monochrome friend is again popular among creative girls.

Highlighting “zebra” (“watermelon”) is a technique with clearly defined vertical strands. The highlighting pattern starts right at the roots of the hair and alternates between light and dark shades, mimicking the color of a zebra. In the photo, the contrast is striking first of all.

Unlike classic highlighting, in “zebra” strands themselves are thicker and more often of the same width – 2–3 cm along the entire hairline. The essence of the technique is to discolor and tint individual curls – the master applies the composition with foil and maintains a certain time. If necessary, before highlighting the zebra, the entire hair strip dyed dark, so it turns out to create a contrast with a light shade.

The main difficulty lies in the need to convey a clear pattern on the hair and determine the most suitable shade of zebra highlighting for the type of appearance. It is difficult to do this at home without special equipment and skills, so it is better to trust a professional colorist.

At first glance, such highlighting may seem quite specific, but it is important to understand that it has significant advantages:

  • coloring pattern “zebra” is selected individually, in this way, you can emphasize the advantages of appearance and hide flaws;
  • an unusual highlighting style instantly distinguishes its owner from the crowd;
  • suits any shade of hair, be it light brown, blond or chestnut.

However, due to clear lines, highlighting can slightly weigh down the image and make it too sharp, and complex evening styling in combination with such highlighting seems overloaded.

In addition, in case of improper coloring, when the strands at the roots are emitted as intensely as along the entire length of the hair, the parting will stand out too much during regrowth, which will lead to the need for frequent updating of highlighting. On the one hand, it’s not so bad when there are such powerful regenerating masks as Biolage FiberStrong.

Still, stylists advise against overusing discoloration, even locally.

Colorists offer several options for dyeing zebra hair: classic, when the brightest black and white shades are used, soft – taking into account the base color of the curls and the type of appearance, as well as bright – using non-standard shades (these are found in palettes Matrix SoColor Cult and L’Oréal Professionnel Colorful Hair). Below we will tell you how to choose the ideal highlighting colors using the zebra highlighting technique for different shades of hair.

Selecting the highlighting tone is based on the “temperature” of the main color of the curls. So if the hair is cold black shade, then the strands should be in a cold, but contrasting light palette. Platinum, pearls, and also silver will do.

For warm tones – chestnut, mocha and chocolate – you can choose more gentle tones. Milk, wheat, or darker work well – ash blond.

Life hack of SalonSecret experts. Complex care for your balayage will be provided by a mask Matrix Color Obsessed… With it, you can not be afraid that the hair after lightening will become porous and weak.

Blond hair is initially dyed in dark tones. It can be a related but more pigmented light brown or an additional dark color below the 5th hue.

It’s a good idea to slightly discolor your hair and use toning to give the curls an icy platinum shade, and then do the highlighting in the darkest colors possible.

Life hack of SalonSecret experts. Regular color fixation will prevent the balayage from washing out and fading. At home, this procedure is carried out on acid milk. Vitamino Color.

In order not to weigh down the color of light brown hair, it is better to choose light colors for highlighting. This will create a more natural effect of sun-bleached hair.

Life hack of SalonSecret experts. An even more natural effect will be created by golden highlights on the strands. Mix gold pigment for this result PowerMix with mask Vitamino Color and use the resulting composition as a regular mask.

Creating beautiful zebra highlights on your hair is a real art. The stylist separates the strands in such a way that the streaks of staining are clear and even. In this case, the technique of performing zebra highlighting consists of several stages.

1. The mixture for bleaching is preliminarily prepared – the oxidant is mixed with the clarifying powder in the required proportions. Read more on how to find the optimal bleaching mix. here… If you are already a pro, we advise you to visit free courses online – they study, among other things, staining formulas.

2. After bleaching, the hair is divided into four segments and fixed with special clips.

3. Separately prepare strips of foil, which should be twice as wide as the strand to be separated and 10 cm longer.

4. Dyeing hair starts from the top strands. With a hairdresser’s comb with a sharp tip, the hair is divided into equal parts and colored with a brush. Next, the curls are wrapped in foil. So, depending on the desired result, dye the hair over the entire head or only part of it.

5. The composition is kept for the required time.

6. After washing, the curls are tinted to create the desired nuance.

Please note that large highlighting can add airiness to the image, but the secret is not so much in the technique itself, but in the right shade.

In order for the bleached curls to preserve the beauty of the tone, it is important to provide them with a competent care system after visiting the salon. We share life hacks from SalonSecret experts.

Together with dust and dirt particles, they will not wash out the coloring pigments, which means that it will be possible to avoid the appearance of unwanted yellowness. We will tell you more about the favorites of SalonSecret stylists.

  • Vitamino Color Soft Cleanser from L’Oreal Professional – a real protector of colored hair. Delicately removes dirt and slows down color washout. Stylists adore it and must use it themselves at least two weeks after dyeing. Top up with shampoo for perfect results air conditioner and mask from the gamut Vitamino Color.
  • Shampoo Keep Me Vivid from Matrix – one of the leaders in delicate cleansing, retaining bright and pastel shades for a long time. Does not contain sulfates in the composition and is great, by the way, after keratin care… It works great when paired with a leave-in cream Keep Me Vivid… The formula of the latter is enriched with UV filters; colored hair will appreciate such care.
hair oil for hair highlighting zebra

High temperatures – from the use of a hair dryer and hotter thermo devices – quickly lead to increased dryness and brittleness strands. And such a scenario is a sure way to ensure that highlighting will soon look sloppy and faded.

It is necessary to protect hair not only with thermal protective agents, but also with deep nourishing or regenerating treatments.

Excellence in universal care for us – means L’Oreal Professional… So, cream Pro Longer not only provides high-quality thermal protection up to 230 °, but also eliminates up to 56% of damage along the entire length, which is especially important after discoloration. It looks like the cream works Absolut Repair with ceramides, phytokeratin and lactic acid in the composition.

Liquid texture fans will love the spray Matrix Miracle Creator… Moreover, thermal protection is only one of its functions, this bottle does everything at once, transforming the strands from the first use.

Manufacturers are actively releasing products with direct pigments that help maintain the color of the salon for many months. Look for the best of them in the professional cosmetics segment.

  • Budget, but a win-win option – shampoo Total Results Brass Off from Matrix… Suitable for neutralizing warm tones in blondes of 5-8 tone levels. For a dazzling shine of silvery shades and very light blondes, it is more suitable So Silver – it corrects yellow warm tones.
  • An excellent product with additional protection for strands, antioxidant and purple pigments – shampoo Blondifier Cool from L’Oreal Professional… It, like other pigmented products, must be alternated with regular shampoo – Blondifier Gloss will be an excellent partner, it smoothes hair and enhances its shine.

Stylists point out that the highlighting effect is very different depending on the length of the hair, while coloring can significantly transform the hairstyle – we are 100% sure of this.

Highlights are a great way to add volume to hair and make a short hair look more textured and structured. Zebra highlights look especially interesting on pixie and bob haircuts.

Shoulder-length hair combined with light curls and zebra highlights is a graceful hairstyle that has become the main trend this season.

At the same time, you can safely experiment with the highlighting pattern: highlight individual strands of the face or crown to emphasize facial features. In any case, it does not hurt to emphasize the highlights with styling: apply a spray on dry hair Savage Panache (L’Oreal Pro) and roll curls from face to face with a styler. The effect will be quite natural, and at the same time the refraction of light will brighten the coloring pattern.

highlighting zebra for long hair

On curls below the shoulders you can try a wide variety of zebra highlights. One of the most trendy options is the gradient technique, in which clear lines along the length smoothly transition to a low-contrast light shade at the roots.

Watermelon, or zebra, coloring in the new reading looks much more interesting than the outdated large highlighting due to unusual combinations of shades and color stretch. Would you prefer a dark ash base and icy silvery highlights, or a wheat base with a Scandinavian blonde?


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