What kind of alcohol can you diet?

None of the healthy weight loss programs will encourage alcohol consumption. But at the same time, healthy weight loss cannot be fast, it takes from several weeks to several months, depending on how much excess weight you need to lose. It will be difficult to completely avoid all temptations for so long, for these weeks or months there will definitely be a special occasion – a holiday, a planned celebration, a long-awaited party. Is there a way to continue losing weight by allowing yourself to drink alcohol?

All alcoholic beverages are too high in calories. It is they who are to blame for the fact that after the New Year we find ourselves at least a couple of extra pounds. In terms of its energy value, alcohol is much superior to proteins and carbohydrates and practically catches up with fats. But if fats are a source of energy for the body, then the calories in alcohol are empty, it is light energy that cannot be spent on activity, but can be preserved as fat.

Dangers of alcohol on the diet

The stronger the drink, the higher its energy value. Least of all calories in dry wine, but even these numbers will terrify the one who counts calories – 120 calories per 200 ml. 100 ml of vodka contains a whole 250 calories. The spectrum of danger expands due to increased appetite, already after the first sip of an alcoholic drink and a decrease in the ability to self-control.

Nutritionists do not approve of the use of alcohol in the process of losing weight, but in most cases they do not tolerate a categorical prohibition. Rare cases of complete prohibitions concern mono diets and other dietary regimes with strict restrictions. When a sharp calorie deficit is created, the body experiences stress, alcohol exacerbates it. The load on the pancreas and liver becomes higher, the liver switches to the breakdown and excretion of alcohol, it cannot process fats with the same intensity.

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How to drink alcohol on a diet?

The choice of alcoholic beverages on a diet occurs not only in terms of calorie content, other properties must be taken into account. For example, if you want to drink beer, it is better to choose dark varieties instead of light ones. Dark beer brings a feeling of fullness faster, it is difficult to drink a lot, and it will not work to eat a lot of snacks either. Snacks can be very high in calories, but you should not completely abandon them. Drinking alcohol without snacks turns out to be an even bigger blow to the liver and pancreas. It is better to eat something before drinking alcohol, then it will be easier to control yourself in the process.

The worst alcohol for someone who is losing weight is traditional cocktails. In addition to the alcoholic component, they contain syrups, fruit juices, fresh and canned fruits with sugar. Such additives will be even more caloric than the alcoholic drink included in the cocktail.

You can make cocktails yourself based on the energy value of the ingredients and your preferences. If you order a portion of mojito at a bar, then it will contain at least 170 calories, if prepared at home, then it may include no more than 100 calories. To reduce the calorie content of mojito, it is enough to abandon the syrup, adding more mint to compensate for the richness of the taste.

If you can’t drink smoothies without a sweetener, then use natural sweeteners like a little stevia instead of sugar syrups.

Even unsweetened cocktails can be very high in calories. A serving of classic Bloody Mary contains 200 to 400 calories and is very high in sodium, which is undesirable for weight loss. If you prepare such a cocktail yourself from unsalted freshly squeezed tomato juice instead of packaged juice, then the energy value will almost halve. Instead of salt, add a few drops of Tabasco sauce for a brighter taste. Alcoholic snacks can also contain a lot of sodium, so bacon and olives are best replaced with fresh celery and cherry tomatoes.

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