What kind of hat to wear with a fur coat to look fashionable, photo

See the photo with which hat to combine a fur coat to look fashionable. And other relevant options for winter looks.

If you follow the global fashion trends, you know that artificial and eco-coats have become hot hits. Especially in basic, natural and brightest colors. Moreover, more and more large fur enterprises are abandoning natural fur in favor of fur coats made from artificial raw materials. But what to do with natural fur coats? Wearing is a personal matter, unanimity in such matters is rarely observed. Sometimes the choice is due to climatic conditions, already the presence of such a fur coat.

As for sheepskin or camel fur coats, where humane production is used, they are still in trend, eco-fur products are presented on the catwalks. The models are notable not only for their decent quality, but they will also warm you up to -40C, very warm. And buying them, you do not have to spend a fortune. Double-breasted, oversized, cocoon-style, Max Mara-style fur coats, long and short (like bombers), bright and pastel colors will be especially in fashion.

Hats for a fur coat

In the previous article, we talked with what kind of headdress to wear a down jacket. We continue the conversation about winter, how to warm up, look beautiful and what kind of hat to wear with a fur coat to look fashionable. From the whole variety of hats, we have selected only the most fashionable and those that are really easy to apply in everyday life. Hat, beanie, beret, cap – there can be a lot of options. And all of them are at the peak of popularity and are beautifully combined with fur coats.

With what hat to wear a nude fur coat


There is no doubt that the most fashionable wardrobe attribute for this season is the woolen hat. Still would! This is a great option for girls and women of any age, does not spoil the hair. And your only choice is the color of the cap and fur coat. Based on what you like and decorate to make the look look modern too. Plus the fact that hats made of wool, soft knitwear are combined with absolutely all outerwear. With classics and concept. So you can not deny yourself anything.

What hat fits a fur coat

Fashionable hats with a fur coat

Bright hat with a beige fur coat

Knitted hat with a fur coat


Also pay special attention to such a warm accessory as a hat with earflaps. We owe it to Versace, Fendi and Prada to bring it back into fashion. Whichever version of a hat with earflaps you choose, it will look actual with a fur coat, correspond to trends. For example, a model of a hat made of leather, fur, wool or synthetic materials that does not fit the head snugly.

Hat with earflaps with a fur coat


The knitted hood returns to the wardrobe of girls and women, it is harmoniously combined not only with a fur coat, but also with other options for fashionable outerwear. What’s important? The hat-hood does not spoil the hairstyle, in such an accessory you can warmly and comfortably survive the Russian winter. Topical hoods are most often made from cotton jersey, wool, cashmere of various decorative knits. It is fashionable to combine a hood to match with a fur coat and other accompanying clothing, creating an image in one color. So, the classic of the new season is beige or white total bow.

Faux fur coat and bonnet

Hats with a fur coat

Hat with fur coat

The hat always combines luxury and femininity, which is why it is the most sophisticated and fashionable accessory option. It will emphasize the style and beauty of both women and girls. Hats are very trendy this season. And the combination of a bright colored fur coat and a plain hat will cheer you up – it will be excellent, regardless of the weather outside the window.

Felt hat with fur coat

Hat with a fur coat, fashionable images

Instead of a turban hat

Style is in the details. So, true women of fashion cannot do without a turban in winter, choosing it to match the fur coat. Thus, they emphasize the integrity of the image. Any fur coat will sound with her in a new way. Such an interesting accessory has been relevant for several seasons and meets all fashion trends. You just need to realize how stylish the turban really looks.

Wear a fur coat with a turban

Turban with a white fur coat

Cap, cap or leather panama

A topical headdress not only for spring, but also for the coming cold weather. A fashionable cap (or panama) can radically change the everyday look with the participation of a fur coat, if you choose an accent option.

Red cap with fur coat

Cap with a fur coat

Caps are worn with a fur coat

Cap and hat with a fur coat, fashionable images

Hoodie or sweater hood

Today, fur coats are increasingly combined not with stilettos, but with sneakers, rough boots, cargo trousers, with knitted suits and hoodies. A special charm of a hoodie – hoods – is in their ease of use, warmth and beauty, comfortable and stylish.

Hood instead of a hat, image with a hoodie

Fur coat with a hood
Max Mara


Another trendy way to create a look that will look relevant is to wear a fur coat with a silk scarf or leather. For many, this idea is not a surprise. Since this is a basic accessory. The main thing is to wear it confidently. The silk scarf itself has never gone out of fashion, only at first glance we cannot combine it with a warm fur coat.

Silk scarf with fur coat

Hat, scarf and fur coat, images

What hat to wear a leopard fur coat

Many stylists recommend to surround “complex” things with simple ones. Therefore, if your choice fell on a leopard print fur coat, then it is best to surround it with things in monochrome. This approach is a win-win look for every day. For example, a leopard print combined with black color looks very luxurious. And then, for sure, all eyes will be riveted only to your fur coat, it should be in the spotlight, since the variegated colors. What kind of hat to wear with a leopard fur coat? As for the headdress, it is definitely a monochromatic accessory presented above.

What hat to wear a leopard fur coat

Cap with a leopard coat

What hat fits a fur coat

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