what kind of leather things can a woman over 45

Despite the fact that leather things are in fashion today, they must be worn correctly. This is especially true for women aged 45+. If you make a wardrobe incorrectly, in which there is a leather item, you can look vulgar. The skin always attracts attention. It requires all clothing to match and look harmonious. Making even one mistake can ruin everything. Therefore, you need to know which things can be combined with leather things, and which cannot.

  1. Oversized Sweater and Leather Pants looks

Many women do not take the risk of wearing leather pants because they are too tight, but completely in vain. In combination with an oversized sweater, there will be no trace of vulgarity. It is best to choose a sweater that is long enough to cover your hips. For casual wear, choose a sweater in a neutral shade. If you need to go to an event, you can choose a bright model.

  1. Leather Jacket and Pants

Leather jackets are also suitable for women of forty-five. You just need to choose free models, not fitted ones. Anything that fits the figure is out of fashion today. It is also better to prefer the elongated model over the shortened one. You can wear such a jacket with classic straight-cut trousers. You get a classic look. in which you can go to the feast and the world.

It is best to complement a leather jacket with a scarf or stole. This must be done to “thin the skin. The thing is that leather things tend to add several years to real age.

  1. Leather skirt and chunky top

If a woman has a good figure, then it is quite possible for her to wear leather skirts. It is advisable to choose models up to the middle of the knee or slightly lower. It is better to choose a free item as the top. All attention always goes to the skin. Therefore, the top can be calm and discreet.

  1. Leather pants and white shirt

A white shirt goes well with any trousers, including leather ones. It is the white shirt that will add rigor to the image, thereby saving it from vulgarity. The shirt should be chosen in accordance with the latest fashion trends. It should be tight and loose, preferably elongated. Then you get an image in which you can go to a meeting and to a party.

As you can see, at 45 you can look fashionable and modern in leather things. The main thing is to be able to combine them.


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