What kind of pillows are there?

Nowadays there are different types of pillows. Among them there are traditional ones, available in every home, and specialized ones, necessary only in certain cases, such products are selected with the help of a specialist.

They are divided into different types of pillows based on their functions.

1. Classic pillow – This is the most common sleep product. This can be purchased at any store that specializes in household goods. A traditional pillow can be rectangular or square.

Different materials for the pillowcases and fillers can be used. The cover (napernik) is made, as a rule, of natural materials (linen, calico, teak). The filling can be anything. From synthetic materials, synthetic winterizer, holofiber, artificial fluff are used. Natural – animal hair, buckwheat husk, down and feathers.

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2. Anatomical version of the pillow is created taking into account the normal position of the head relative to the cervical spine. The purpose of such a product is to maintain this normal position, completely relieving the load from the corresponding muscle groups.

The design of the anatomical pillow assumes the presence of a base made of latex or polyurethane foam and a cover. Anatomical pillows can be used by healthy people who experience discomfort in the cervical spine and the area of ​​the muscles of the shoulder girdle.

What kind of pillows are there?
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3. Orthopedic pillows Are special devices for people with disabilities from the musculoskeletal system. Such products not only provide a comfortable rest for the patient, but also help to correct some violations. The orthopedic pillow helps to maintain the correct physiological position of the head during sleep.

Such a product is purchased in a specialized store only on the recommendation of a specialist and is selected taking into account the individual characteristics of a person and the degree of dysfunction of the musculoskeletal system. In some cases, orthopedic pillows are used in conjunction with other special devices to help correct disorders.

What kind of pillows are there?
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The selection of a pillow for sleeping and resting should be taken seriously. It is necessary to pay attention to the fact whether such a product provides a comfortable position for the head and neck, whether it contributes to muscle relaxation. It is worth thinking about what the product is made of: the pillow should not contain materials that can cause allergic reactions in a particular person.

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