What medications should not be taken before traveling by car?

First of all, drugs containing alcohol… For example, Corvalol. A dosage of 20-30 drops is enough to stop using the car that day. This product contains 95% alcohol and may test positive for blood alcohol.

In addition, that corvalol, that valoserdin contain the component phenobarbital, which is excreted from the body for a very long time. Thus, it is worth taking only 20-30 g of heart drops – and you cannot drive for several days. The substance can be in the body for up to 7 or even 10 days.

  • Of the preparations containing alcohol, it is also worth mentioning the homeopathic “Lymphemiosot”, the means for inhalation “Ingalipt”, “Biovital”, balsam “Bittner” and other balms for internal use, “Aflubin”, nasal drops “Rhinital”, “Gentos” other.

The list of such drugs that contain alcohol is quite wide. It is imperative to read the instructions and composition for any medication before taking it. Otherwise, there is a risk of losing your rights.

It is also best not to drink strong pain relievers before driving. So, in the familiar to everyone “Nurofen”, “Solpadein”, “Pentalgin-N” contains codeinewhich is a prohibited drug. By the way, codeine is also found in the cough medicine Codelac.

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Many painkillers may also show a false positive test for opiates. This means that despite the fact that the substances contained in them are not classified as prohibited, the test will show the presence of prohibited substances. Yes, later it will be possible to get an examination, but it will take time and, of course, will cost a lot of nerves. That is why it is simply not recommended to get behind the wheel after taking strong painkillers.

Even “Tizin” nose drops can give a false positive result for the presence of drugs in the blood, so they should also be taken with caution.

The same goes for fizzy aspirin and other cold powders. By and large, even a poppy seed bun is not worth eating. Because poppy in the composition can also give a result for the presence of opium alkaloids in the blood.

There is also a fairly wide range of drugs that worsen the driver’s condition. So, for example, you should not use sleeping pills or drugs that have hypnotic effect (diphenhydramine, eunoktin and others like that). Clonidine and phenozepam worsen the body’s reactions, therefore they are also contraindicated before traveling as a driver. In the same way, various sedatives can lead to poor coordination of movement, dizziness, weakness, and decreased attention.

If you drink some blood pressure lowering drugs (Brinerdin, Cristepine, Itrazole, etc.), this can also reduce the driver’s response and sometimes cause seizures.

What medications should not be taken before traveling by car?
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Not only after drinking a bottle of light alcohol, you should not get behind the wheel. Sometimes illegal drugs can even be found in conventional medicines. This is something to keep in mind when driving a vehicle. So be careful with any medication!


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