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What mistakes should not be made when decorating a small bathroom?

Dimensional furniture

10 ideas on how to save space in a small bathroom

In a tiny bathroom, you should not clutter up the space with large plumbing fixtures, large cabinets and side tables. All furniture must correspond to the dimensions of the bathroom, therefore, before going to the store, you should draw a detailed plan of the room indicating all sizes.

Using corner plumbing or installing a shower cabin instead of a bath will increase comfort several times. You should also pay attention to hanging products: they create the impression of a less busy interior.

Another option is to order storage systems exactly for the size of the bathroom. Built-in furniture looks neat, making the furnishings complete and can take up less space than finished furniture.

Small bathroom

Unconnected bathroom

It is difficult to call this a gross mistake, because each owner chooses the best option for himself when arranging an apartment. But when deciding on repairs, you should weigh all the pros and cons of a combined bathroom: perhaps this is the only way to make the room more spacious, fit the washing machine and reduce cleaning time.

The absence of one door and partition for bathroom design opens up new possibilities, but for a large family, such a decision can become controversial. If you want to combine a bathroom and a toilet, you must follow the current building codes and regulations, agreeing on the redevelopment.

Combined bathroom

Dark finish

10 life hacks to make life easier in a small bathroom

Rooms decorated in dark colors look smaller because light is not reflected from the walls, but absorbed by them.

If you dream of a dark bathroom, but it does not have impressive dimensions, think carefully about the lighting. Only in this case the room will have “depth” and not put pressure on the person inside.

You can use “gloomy” tones dosed: on one small area, on the floor or on the lower half of the walls, and white plumbing will act as a good contrast.

Dark bathroom

Bathroom in black colors

Abundance of decor

The more details in the bathroom, the cramped it looks. The sheer number of elements create visual noise, making the bathroom unkempt.

Modern styles are best suited for arranging a small room: contemporary, minimalism, Scandinavian, hi-tech. The conciseness of these directions will not overload the space.

For wall decoration, it is recommended to use tiles without a pattern and neutral paint, and accents will help to revive the interior: an unusual floor with ornaments, a bright shower curtain, and an accent wall.

Minimalism in the interior of the bathroom

Few storage systems

7 layout options for a small bathroom

If closed cabinets are not taken care of in the bathroom, then detergents and care products will have to be stored on shelves or under the bathroom, which is not always convenient. Why do designers not advise installing exclusively open shelves? The fact is that sooner or later they are clogged to capacity, turning a neat bathroom into a cluttered room.

Instead of a mirror, you can hang a mirrored cabinet, as well as rationally use vertical storage: tall pencil cases, a free area above the doorway and an inter-ceiling space.

Pay attention to the space under the sink: if it is occupied by a pedestal, you lose a lot of useful space. It is worth replacing the sink with a leg by choosing a practical cabinet.

Cabinets above the bathroom and washer

Shower cabinet

Ill-conceived lighting

A small bathroom needs a variety of lighting even more than a spacious one: lit by a single lamp, it seems even less.

It is important to provide several light scenarios so that the use of the bathroom is as comfortable as possible. The mirror should be illuminated to avoid ugly shadows on the face, and spots over the bathroom or shower.

Lighting in a small bathroom

Inconvenient sink

How to create a stylish bathroom design in Khrushchev?

Even a small bathroom can be comfortable, but for the sake of this, you shouldn’t give up a full-size sink. Its optimal width is 50-60 cm, height is about 950 cm. If the width is less, water will spray on the floor, and then you have to choose between daily discomfort and spending on a new product.

The necessary centimeters can be gained by installing a smaller bathtub or with a beveled corner, or a shower stall.

Convenient sink

Wide sink

Small mirror

One of the most important elements of the bathroom – the mirror – plays not only a functional role, helping to wash, shave or apply makeup, but also allows you to visually enlarge the room. It multiplies not only space, but also light. Unfortunately, the tiny mirror doesn’t do the job.

To make a small bathroom delight with its volume, choose wide mirrors or even mirrored walls.

If a shelf with a scattering of tubes and shampoos is installed opposite the mirror, their number visually doubles, which negatively affects the order in the room.

Wide mirror in the bathroom

Tiles in the decoration of a narrow bathroom

9 things every bathroom should have

If the room is narrow, you should not lay it out with ceramic tiles from floor to ceiling: there will be a feeling of a “well”, which will not make the room cozy.

To make the bathroom or toilet seem wider, we advise you to divide the room horizontally into two parts, where the lower one will be faced with porcelain stoneware, and the upper one will be painted with moisture-resistant paint or covered with wallpaper. This will make the bathroom look more proportional.

Narrow bathroom

Small toilet

No place for drying laundry

10 examples of drying clothes in an apartment without a balcony

This is often forgotten, but such an important part of life as washing should not affect the comfort of the bathroom.

If the function of drying clothes is shifted to a small bathroom, it is worth considering folding wall dryers or sliding clothesline systems. This will prevent wet clothing from sliding to the side while bathing.

Perhaps the best option for a cramped bathroom is a tumble dryer installed above the washer, or a floor dryer that can be placed in the room or on the loggia.

Swing-out dryer

Compact clothes dryer

Not everyone was lucky enough to have a spacious bathroom at their disposal, but even a small bathroom can be comfortable and stylish if you think over the interior in advance and avoid typical mistakes.

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