What not to eat in the morning and what to replace it with?

So here’s a list of foods that won’t make breakfast right. We will also teach you how to eat them correctly or find a worthy replacement for them.

1. IN breakfast cereal there are too many fast carbs and sugar, while fiber, on the contrary, is relatively low. The body will not become healthier from this. And the feeling of hunger will return pretty quickly. Such breakfast is good only in advertising, in real life it is just a way to quickly “fill your stomach”.

  • What to do? You can either make more useful “muesli” yourself, or enrich this basically useless breakfast with fresh berries, seeds, and nuts.

2. Like cereals, it is extremely low in fiber. quick oatmeal bag… It is eaten by those who have little time in the morning before leaving the house, believing that here it is, a healthy breakfast. However, there is very little sense in such a mess. Such pseudo-oatmeal has almost no nutritional value.

  • What to do? Plain rolled oats, cooked in water or milk, have much more nutrients in their composition. There are zinc, potassium, and chromium, as well as complex carbohydrates and various vitamins. You just need to find a little more time in the morning and not be too lazy to cook your own porridge.
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3. It is worth saying that many cereals in principle not suitable as a proper breakfast food. So, semolina contains fast carbohydrates and will saturate for a short time, but then you will want to eat again and with a vengeance. Therefore, talking about the benefits of semolina in the morning is a myth.

  • What to do? It is better in this case to make a choice in favor of another porridge. You can choose, for example, buckwheat. It contains both a valuable source of protein and vitamins.

4. Fruit yogurt in a jar is a fairly popular breakfast. It is convenient to open it, it is quickly eaten, and a person believes that he has received his morning benefits of “sour milk” and lactobacilli that improve digestion. But, firstly, there are not so many beneficial bacteria in a jar of yogurt, and secondly, there is often a lot of sugar, preservatives and, in general, “chemistry”.

  • What to do? For yogurt to really improve stomach function, it must be natural, with no additives or sweeteners. You can also look at other dairy products such as cottage cheese.

5. Cookies and other sweets – also not the best option for a morning meal. Many, for lack of time, have a snack with cookies and tea. Perhaps the sweet will slightly invigorate the not yet fully awakened organism, but the pancreas and teeth will not say thanks for this.

  • What to do? You can replace sweets for breakfast with dried fruits, nuts, fruits (apples, peaches etc.).
What not to eat in the morning and what to replace it with?
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6. Not the best breakfast option, also filling scrambled eggs with sausages… The latter contain a lot of soy, food additives, preservatives, fat, but the body needs in the morning protein, on the contrary, is not enough. It’s the same story with sandwiches – sausage is not the most suitable product, just as it is not the most useful one.

  • What to do? If you really have a sandwich in the morning, it is made of whole grain bread, with butter or quality cheese. Scrambled eggs with sausages can be replaced with an omelet with vegetables.

7. Finally, some people believe that the best breakfast is no breakfast, and that there is no need to eat in the morning, but enough coffee cups… Meanwhile, breakfast should not be abandoned even by those who seek to lose weight.

Coffee on an empty stomach won’t do anything good, especially if it’s without milk / cream. It contains a lot of hydrochloric acid, and it makes it difficult to digest food. Therefore, if you cannot imagine a morning without a cup of coffee, and other food does not fit, you need to be prepared for problems with the gastrointestinal tract in the near future. It will be especially bad for those who have gastritis or ulcers.

  • What to do? If you really drink coffee in the morning, then not immediately, but after at least half an hour after waking up. And it is advisable to eat at least something, even if it is a small crouton or a slice of bread.
What not to eat in the morning and what to replace it with?
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So, starting the morning with scrambled eggs and cereal is not so useful, and after all, many do. However, often even the same foods can be eaten in their correct form. Then the morning meal will bring health benefits.


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