What outerwear to wear in winter 2020? 5 fashion options

Dthere is very little time left about the arrival of winter. It’s time to choose new clothes for this season.

DDo you know that during this cold season it is important to protect yourself as much as possible from frost and snow blizzards? We totally agree with you! Therefore, we will bring to the attention of those who are ready to follow fashion trends in any season, warm, comfortable clothes, which are indispensable now.

Blago, stylists have come up with many options for clothing models for a winter wardrobe, in which even the most capricious and thermophilic young lady will not freeze. Let’s get started ?!

Down jackets

Nu, how can you do in cold weather without them? These jackets will protect not only from frost, but also from strong winds.

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A maybe it’s for the best? Every woman, regardless of age, lifestyle and type of figure, will definitely pick up something in such abundance for herself. Do not forget that oversized jackets continue to hold steady positions in the trend.

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Down jacket is stylish!

ChAs for the color scheme, then you can experiment. Of course, all shades of brown are in fashion and the classics of the genre are black. But a multi-colored palette will perfectly fit into a monochromatic winter landscape. Choose it according to your taste, and be in style!

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Down jacket is warm!

Feather Clothes

FROMtwitchy and shameless girls will surely like things decorated with feathers. This may not be the safest way to keep warm, but it is a perfectly acceptable option for going to a party, especially if you take a taxi to get to the venue.

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Disiners assure that this is one of the last hits of the season. Perhaps worth a try. Short jackets can be combined with trendy culottes. Long coats – with jeans or short trousers. Trendy shoes will complete the whole look. Go for it!

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Fur coats

ABOUTwe put the classic understanding of the timeless item of winter wardrobe made of natural furs for older persons. Now fireworks of bright colors are in vogue. Even in these seemingly unchanging things.

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TOHow do you look at the orange or yellow, green or blue version of the coat? Girls who risked trying on faux fur for themselves will become favorites of the season.

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NWear a warm, plain turtleneck, jumper or hoodie under your outerwear. Complete the look with jeans or an insulated skirt from the basic outfit. You will be warm and comfortable. Charge yourself with positive and passers-by will charge you with it. Open, kind faces and smiles on them … This will melt the ice even in the most severe frosts!

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Clothes with fur collar and cuffs

Nand natural fur, however, in the form of separate elements of clothing, takes place in the winter 2020 season. Residents of Russia know perfectly well how nice it is to wrap up in a warm, fluffy collar during a strong frosty wind. It’s great to hide your hands in fur cuffs.

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AND no matter what material the coat is made of. It can be leather with a warm lining, a raincoat fabric made using advanced technologies that does not allow cold and wind to pass through, or a bright, cozy drape. In any case, you will not only feel comfortable, but also understand that this outfit is in line with fashion trends.

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Girl in a red and yellow ombre coat, blue jeans and a red hat
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Lady in white

Bwhite snow. Black trees and asphalt. Everything breathes cold freshness. Perhaps this inspired the designers to create black and white collections for the winter 2020 season.

Girl in a white coat with a belt, gray pants and white ankle boots
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FROMthe combination of these classic colors is liked by many of the fair sex. Therefore, it is worth purchasing a white long coat and wearing it over a basic set of clothes in a contrasting color.

Girl in a white long coat, black wide leg pants and a turtleneck
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A if it seems to you that there are only two tones, it is too pretentious and boring – dilute them with small details and accessories of brighter colors. A handbag, scarf or belt will soften an overly strict bow.

Girl in a white long coat, black striped suit and ankle boots
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TOAs you can see, even for this harsh, frosty time, there are many ways to dress stylishly without losing a drop of comfort and warmth.



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