What physical activity to refine my figure?

Swedish gym

Installed in a circle around the teacher, we reproduce simple movements, in music. Each session is structured in sequences, to work all the muscles without straining too much. We therefore go on to warm up, cardio exercises, muscle strengthening, active recovery and stretching, in a friendly atmosphere devoid of any idea of ​​competition.

For who ? For those who want to get back to sport smoothly, build muscle and burn calories without suffering, who need to clear their mind and relax and who are motivated by the group spirit.

What are the benefits? The Swedish gym strengthens the cardiovascular system and muscles, improves endurance, flexibility, posture and balance, burns calories, reduces stress and anxiety and increases good mood.

The yoga

Yoga classes are practiced in groups but without competition. They combine breathing exercises (pranayama) and a large number of postures (asanas), more or less complicated to perform. From now on, yoga comes in many variations: fly yoga, strala yoga, bikram yoga … it’s up to you to find the one that suits you!

For who ? Yoga is aimed at the youngest as well as the elderly or pregnant women. It is beneficial for stressed people, sick people who want to speed up the healing process and anyone looking for a “healthy mind in a healthy body”.

What are the benefits? Yoga facilitates mental and muscular relaxation, relieves health problems and musculoskeletal pain. It refines and muscles in depth, improves flexibility and breath, and develops concentration.

The budôkon

Mixture of martial arts, meditation and yoga, budôkon sessions work both body and mind. We start with 40 min of yoga postures, mixing sun salutations and meditation, before continuing with 40 min of martial arts exercises, executed in sets of 10 and gently. We end with a little relaxation on the ground.

For who ? For those who wish to sculpt their body while regaining an inner well-being, through an activity that is more energetic than yoga but just as relaxing. However, you need to be in good physical shape – flexibility and balance are a plus.

What are the benefits? The budôkon refines and firms the silhouette, tones the arms, legs and abs. It allows you to relax and go beyond your limits.

Soft gyms that promote our healing

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