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What plants to choose for the bathroom?

Where and how best to place it?

The first step is to understand where to put the plants for the bathroom – their size and quantity depend on this. The best option – if the bathroom has a source of sunlight (window). Then the pots are placed directly on the windowsill or on a flat surface opposite it.

In the photo, a variant of the shelf design with ampelous plants

shelf in the bathroom for flowers

flowers on the edge of the bath

If there is no window, fresh flowers are placed on horizontal surfaces, avoiding direct proximity to the water. That is, placing green friends next to the sink or on the tub, where water will constantly fall on the leaves, it is prohibited: even the most moisture-loving species are unlikely to survive in such conditions.

Also, do not install pots near radiators, heated towel rails – dry air and too high a temperature in this area will not even correct spraying.

flowers on the bathroom floor

flowers over the bathroom

What to consider when lighting?

How to properly organize lighting in the bathroom?

Many plants in the bathroom with the provided window opening feel great and bloom profusely. At the same time, the windows do not even have to be east or south – due to a suitable microclimate, minimal illumination is sufficient. By the way, a limited amount of ultraviolet radiation has a beneficial effect on flowering species: they have a longer flowering period.

For a bathroom without windows, shade-loving flowers are suitable – but even they need additional lighting. To do this, purchase special lamps of the red-blue spectrum from a garden store and keep them on for several hours a day.

The second option is without phytolamps. In this case, the pots are moved from place to place, holding either in a well-lit room or in the toilet. This method is great for flowering flowers, contributes to the formation of a rich “harvest”.

many plants in the bathroom

Pictured is a spacious bathroom with a large window

TOP 7 best plants

In this section, we present a list of plants for a bathroom without a window – they can also be placed in lighted spaces.

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During the Soviet era, this undemanding indoor plant could be found in almost any apartment, hospital or office. Recently, interest in him has faded, but in vain: lush narrow leaves chlorophytum perfectly purifies the airmaking it practically sterile.

A semi-ample adult seedling with dangling “children” is perfect for placement on the top shelf in the bathroom or cabinet lid.

chlorophytum in the bathroom


Those who once raised a pike tail know that it is absolutely unpretentious and lives practically on its own. Sansevieria is a succulent, that is, her phytosynthesis occurs without the participation of sunlight.

But at the same time, like all succulents, she does not like overflow – therefore, it should be moved away from the sink. Mother-in-law’s tongue is not only unpretentious, but also useful: fleshy leaves absorb formaldehyde contained in cleaning products.

sansevieria for bathroom


If you already have a pot with it and you notice the dry tips of the leaves, feel free to transfer the dracaena to the bathroom. Dried tips signal a lack of moisture – in order not to spray several times a day, it is enough to place the flower in a naturally humid environment.

In the design of bathrooms, Dracena Sander is also often used: it is popularly called bamboo. The advantage of this species is that it does not need soil: it is enough to put the stems in a vase of water

decorative bamboo in the interior

In the photo of Dracaena Sander in a vase


As plants for a bathroom without light, you should choose species: phalaenopsis, pafiopedilum. These small tropical inhabitants will decorate the area with the mirror: by the way, thanks to the reflection, the flowers will appear 2 times more.

Orchids thrive where warm and humid air is. A limited daylight hours will only prolong the period of decorative flowering. However, in order to maintain growth, the flowers need additional highlighting.

orchid in the bathroom


Dense long leaves on legs in a lush mass of an adult flower look spectacular. Florists love this variety because it retains its beauty in any conditions: it is not afraid of a lack of daylight, changes in humidity, and temperature. Water the land in moderation, avoiding drying out and waterlogging.

adult aspidistra


It is better to choose this fern for bathrooms with windows or artificially illuminate it – it does not like the lack of natural light. But in damp rooms it feels great: moreover, it will not mind additional spraying and regular bathing in the shower.

fern bath


For some reason, it is unpopular in the CIS countries and usually does not appear in the lists of the best options for an apartment. But as a living plant growing in the bathroom, it is irreplaceable: it is suitable for vertical gardening, loves humidity, is not afraid of the dark, perfectly cleans the air. Requires moderate watering, without overdrying the coma.

This is not a complete list of bathroom plants. In the bathrooms, palm trees (hovea, tsiperus), philodendrons, gusmanias, aloe, livistons, calatheas feel good. For large areas, monsters are suitable. Experts advise choosing species that grow in dark humid subtropical forests.

ivy in the interior

The photo shows decorative ivy in the bathroom

Care advice

  • Wipe the leaves regularly with a damp cloth – the pores should be open.
  • Wash off any household chemicals that have spilled onto the leaves or the ground immediately.
  • Supplement the flowers with phytolamps if there are no windows in the room.
  • Ventilate the bathroom after spa treatments to avoid fungal growth.
  • Take out the pots for rehabilitation in time if you notice a deterioration in the condition due to lack of light.
  • Control watering carefully: water should be supplied as needed so that the roots do not rot.

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monstera in the bathroom

Beautiful examples in the bathroom interior

In combination with snow-white plumbing, decorative leafy options with dark, dense greenery look especially good in the bathroom. The pots can be placed on the countertop or hung on the walls in special planters.

flowers in a bathroom with a window

In the photo, the shelf in the bathroom for pots with flowers

flowers under the ceiling in the interior

flowers on the shelf in the bathroom

Ampel varieties look no less impressive: lashes hanging from a cabinet or ceiling create a feeling of complete immersion in a tropical forest.

palm tree on the bathroom floor

If you want to decorate a toilet or bathroom with flowers, do not deny yourself this pleasure. The main thing is to choose the right types and provide them with competent care.

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