What procedures restore hair

Fashion always dictates its terms. Straight and shiny hair is in fashion in the 21st century. But over time, due to hair coloring and from straightening with an iron, hair becomes brittle. And the sun and frost make your hair dry. To restore damaged hair, you need to correctly combine modern professional care with home hair care.

Salon procedures

Keratin hair restoration procedure

Keratin is one of the constituent compounds of hair. When keratin breaks down, the hair becomes porous, fluffy and loses its shine … After the procedure, keratin is embedded in the hair, fills in the voids and as a result, the hair becomes silky and straight. The natural shine of the hair is restored. The effect of the procedure lasts up to 5 months. The procedure is suitable for porous hair.

What procedures restore hair
Collagen hair treatment

Maximum hydration of the hair. After the procedure, hyaluronic acid moisturizes, and avocado and evening primrose oils, vitamins E and B5 nourish the hair, and a layer that retains moisture inside the hair forms on the surface. Hair stops being brittle and dull. The effect of the procedure lasts up to 3 months. Suitable for Slavic hair and retains volume after the procedure.

What procedures restore hair
Home hair care

After the procedures, wash your hair only with sulfate-free shampoo. Shampoos that contain sulfate compounds destroy the hair structure. Sulfate-free shampoos do not heal or restore hair, but wash away dirt from the scalp and residues of styling products without damaging the hair. True, in comparison with sulfate shampoos, they do not foam so abundantly. To properly wash your hair, you need to pour shampoos on your palm, dilute with water and apply to the hair roots. Massaging the scalp, beat the foam and distribute the shampoo along the length of the hair, rinse and repeat,

What procedures restore hair
Balms – conditioners, are applied only to the ends of the hair. Getting on the hair roots, the balms clogs the pores of the scalp, and weighs down the hair, from which the hair becomes oily by the evening. After the rinse, the hair does not electrify, it is easy to comb and style,

What procedures restore hair
Hair masks are done once a week. The mask is applied to clean hair over the entire length. For the best effect, put a hat on your head, wrap your head with a warm towel and leave for twenty minutes. Rinse off and apply a conditioner to the ends of the hair in order to seal in the hair all the useful components that make up the mask.

What procedures restore hair

It will be a big plus if keratin is included in shampoos, balms and masks.
Be sure to blow dry your hair. It does not matter what kind of air you dry. Any moisture destroys keratin, leaving hair porous and dry.

What procedures restore hair


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