What shades in clothes make a woman younger

In order to look younger, it is not at all necessary to undergo plastic surgery or injections and try to be sophisticated in makeup or hairstyles. Yes, of course, all the components of the image are important if the maximum anti-age effect is required. But the most important thing that can make you younger (or vice versa, age) is clothing, or rather, its color schemes. We decided to look in more detail at what shades can make a woman younger and remove a few, or even a dozen years.

What influences the anti-age effect in clothes?

Have you ever noticed how the same color, even the same thing, can look different on people. Has it ever happened that, after looking at how luxurious your friend looks in this orange jacket, you asked to try it on too? And in the mirror you saw absolutely not what you expected to see … After all, there are no magical things that look stunning on everyone. And it’s not even about the style and features of the figure, but about the colors and shades of clothes.

First of all, you need to build on your color type. After all, if you are a blue-eyed blonde, then orange tones will make your complexion yellower and your eye color dimmer. But the soft blue will suit you perfectly. And vice versa: your friend – a brown-eyed brunette – really looks her best in her orange jacket, but in a blue blouse she looks pale and not sleeping well.

Anti-age clothing shades

An elementary definition of the color type of your appearance is necessary at any age. But for young people, bold color solutions in clothes are still quite acceptable, because freshness and an even tone of the face, brightness of eyes and lips, absence of wrinkles can play into the hands. But for women of age, the color type will play the most important role, because here you will definitely not have dry and dull skin with wrinkles or the appearance of capillaries, a faded eye color and other age-related changes.

The right shade of the basics you wear the most can really help you shed a few years. Of course, all this must be accompanied by a suitable haircut and hair color, as well as skillful and thorough makeup. By the way, we recently talked about makeup for women after 40, which is younger. Now let’s talk about what shades should be selected to look younger, and how to combine them with your appearance color type.

Anti-age clothing shades
Anti-age clothing shades

Say NO to black

Black is versatile and incredibly practical. In black, both an evening dress and a tracksuit can be performed. Black outerwear, jackets and jackets, and business suits are very popular. But the black color hopelessly ages, makes the appearance pale, dull and expressionless. On a black background of clothing, the face seems even older, dark circles appear under the eyes, and all imperfections become visible on pale skin. Therefore, older women should use black to a minimum.

There are rare exceptions to whom black is young, but such women are very few.

If you cannot do without black and have become accustomed to it over the years, try not to use it in upper body clothing. And in no case try to create a black monochrome look – it will not work in your favor. Black pants and jeans, skirts, even suits with jackets are fine. But with black, you must definitely wear some kind of bright contrasting thing that will emphasize your face: a blouse, a sweater, a top under a jacket (while wearing your jacket unbuttoned).

Shades of red

Not everyone loves red. It is bright and eye-catching, and it is believed that much more neutral shades should be chosen for a basic wardrobe. But red can be very different! And for each color type of appearance, whether it is warm (for example, a dark-skinned brown-haired woman) or cold (pale gray-eyed blonde), you can choose a red color with a certain undertone.

For a warm color type, respectively, warm shades of red are suitable. It can be orange, scarlet, carrot shades. If they seem too light and bright to you, choose darker tones: terracotta, tomato, brick. For a cold color type, it is good to choose a red color with a pink or purple undertone: raspberry or marsala.

If we talk about the most fashionable shades of autumn, the main red shade according to the Pantone Color Institute will be “Samba”: a deep red color, quite dark, with a warm undertone. Here it is just suitable for all those women who have a “warm” appearance. For a basic wardrobe, feel free to combine Samba with all the creamy beige and nude colors.

Classic blue

Only the lazy did not talk about “Classic Blue”, the classic blue, the main color of 2020 according to the Pantone Color Institute. Sufficiently dark, clean, noble, rich and deep blue color, calm, without the brightness of “electric” and without overflow of other shades. This color can be considered truly universal, because it suits absolutely everyone and adapts to any color type of appearance.

It is equally good for pale-skinned blondes and dark-skinned brunettes. It suits women of winter color type, with snow-white skin, blue eyes and black hair. It will perfectly set off the porcelain skin of redheads, and in the same color a tanned brown-eyed brown-haired woman with Californian highlights will look good.

The classic blue color, because it is quite dark, can make the skin of the face paler. But it will not be painful, but rather aristocratic pallor. The blue color can be safely included in the basic wardrobe. With it, you should create a monochrome look, dressing in blue from head to toe, or use it on only one thing in the look. Combine blue with white, beige, camel and chocolate.

Mustard shades

Mustard color is a loose concept. Everyone has their own shade of mustard, and this is its whole essence. After all, again, you can pick up mustard shades for both warm and cold appearance. For pale skin, light hair and eyes, a mustard color with a bias towards saffron is more suitable – a rich yellow with a greenish undertone. But for a warm color type, you can use lighter and calmer shades of classic mustard.

Of the beige-yellow mustard shades, the Pantone Color Institute recommends using “Sandstone” – this is exactly what will suit the “warm” representatives of the fair sex: sand with a grayish undertone, with a gravitation towards beige, but with distinct blotches of a pinkish warm shade. For a cold color type “Saffron” is preferable – a bright mustard, yellow-saffron color. Sandstone can be safely considered a basic neutral shade, while Saffron is very self-contained and should be combined with denim shades, gray or white.

Powdery pink shades

Having become fashionable several seasons ago, shades of pinkish powder, nude nude colors do not slow down their popularity. Well, what can you say: they have become the prerogative of not only young girls, but also older women, as they can make their appearance fresher and younger almost instantly! Light tones are always preferable to dark tones when it comes to anti-age effect. But here it is also important to choose the tone that suits the color type, so as not to look pale.

For a cold color type, it is better to choose nude powdery tones, respectively, with a cold undertone. The bias should be made towards dirty pink (with a gray undertone) and lavender shades (with a barely noticeable blueness). If you go back to the authority in the field of color solutions, the Pantone Institute, then for autumn you can safely choose the color “Rose Tan” in this category – a delicate pink, quite cool and neutral.

A warm color type should definitely choose powdery tones with a bias towards beige and cream. The warm undertones of these colors will even out the complexion and make dark eyes more expressive. For Fall 2020, according to Pantone, it is better to prefer the color “Peach Nougat” – a warm peach-pink color, soft, calm and very feminine. Nude shades for any color type can be combined with gray, chocolate, neutral blue and denim.

In fashion collections, all colors are good, but not all shades suit us well. If you want to look younger and more beautiful, you need to study your appearance and decide on the shades that will create the maximum anti-age effect for us and make you younger.

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