What should a woman not do during critical days?

Mother Nature herself gave a woman the miracle of childbirth, the payment for which is menstruation. For the most part, the fair sex refers to critical days as a temporary inconvenience that they have to put up with. However, not everyone knows what else, in addition to reducing physical activity, it is undesirable to do during critical days in order to preserve their health.

With the appearance of painful sensations in the lower abdomen, pulling and unpleasant, arising in the first days of menstruation, many women resort to pain relief with the help of pharmaceutical preparations. Can this be done?

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Indeed, there is no need to endure pain. You can take a pill to relieve your condition. However, there are some nuances to consider. The drug should not affect blood clotting. Therefore, taking aspirin on critical days is contraindicated. The same applies to preparations containing paracetamol in their composition.

For a woman with painful periods, it is advisable to consult with her gynecologist so that he prescribes a suitable drug. Do not self-medicate!

During critical days, the hormonal background changes in the female body, changing its response to various medications. On such days, the likelihood of allergic reactions increases, and drug intolerance may occur.

If you are not lucky enough to get sick on critical days and after taking an antibiotic or other medication prescribed by your doctor, you feel a deterioration in well-being, expressed in nausea, dizziness, weakness, skin rashes, and a violation of the digestive process, then hurry up to see a doctor.

During menstruation, you should never take a hot bath. This can lead to severe bleeding. For the same reason, taking a hot shower is highly undesirable. It is forbidden to visit the sauna.

What should a woman not do during critical days?
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On critical days, it is advisable to revise the diet and temporarily exclude from it foods that contribute to the expansion of the walls of blood vessels. This is about:

  • chocolate;
  • spicy and salty dishes;
  • nuts;
  • eggs;
  • milk;
  • coffee;
  • sausages.

Eating such food can cause headaches and dizziness during critical days. Taking care of proper nutrition during this delicate period for women’s health, you can avoid unpleasant sensations and deterioration of well-being.

Alcohol is categorically contraindicated for menstruation, which also affects the walls of blood vessels. Drinking hot drinks during your period can lead to increased bleeding.

During critical days, it is undesirable to carry out any cosmetic procedures. You should refrain from mesotherapy, tattooing, beauty injections these days. It will be money wasted.

What should a woman not do during critical days?
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It makes no sense to visit a beauty salon for hair dyeing or perming during critical days. Any manipulation of the skin or hair during this period is contraindicated due to an increase in the level of progesterone in the blood.

To avoid unwanted complications during critical days, a woman should not ignore the above recommendations of doctors, nutritionists, and cosmetologists. Due to the observance of the restrictions, this period will be more comfortable.

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