What should be a men’s umbrella?

So, what should be a men’s umbrella to become irreplaceable for its owner for a long time? A high-quality, solid and “expensive” umbrella has several key components. Let’s take them all in order.

Robust frame

The most necessary condition, because a man needs a reliable and loyal “companion” who can protect him from any pressure of the elements, be it a gusty wind or pouring rain. So the knitting needles of a man’s umbrella (which, by the way, is also larger than a woman’s) must be strong enough, and the more of them, the better. A good, durable umbrella should have a minimum of 8 spokes (maximum 16).

Umbrella spokes, by the way, are made of different materials: steel, aluminum, plastic, fiberglass. This, of course, affects both the durability / quality and the price of the umbrella. Steel knitting needles, for example, are stronger, but make the umbrella heavier and more expensive.

“Resistant” dome material

Since the main “blow” of the elements on the umbrella falls just on the dome, there is a greater demand from it. This part of the umbrella is also made of a wide variety of materials: satin with water-repellent impregnation, pongee, polyester, nylon, teflon fabric (the first two options characterize good, expensive umbrellas). In some fanciful models of umbrellas, leather and leatherette are even used to make a dome.

Obviously, the quality of the dome material greatly affects the price of the umbrella, but the service life of this accessory also depends on it. A “cheap” dome can shed, leak water, and even break. And here, as usual, the miser pays twice.


Reliable mechanism

The umbrella opening-closing system should work smoothly and “without misfires”, regardless of its type. In compact folding umbrellas (2, 3, 4 folds), an automatic, semi-automatic system is most often used, and a mechanical system is often used in cane umbrellas. Although manufacturers are experimenting with might and main, so that the consumer finds an umbrella that is ideal for him in all respects.

By the way, according to statistics, the mechanical system is more reliable, because the automatic opening button of the umbrella often fails, jams or simply breaks (especially if the umbrella is again of poor quality, from the economy segment).

Anti-wind system

An optional but desirable condition. This is a “cleverly built-in” spring that does not allow the umbrella to turn out from a strong, gusty wind (everyone must have come across this not very pleasant situation at least once – such “tricks” greatly shorten the life of the umbrella).

By the way, special umbrellas are now being produced from the wind, which can be recognized by an interesting and asymmetrical design. Also, the engineers (master-developers of umbrellas) designed a special anti-storm umbrella. Its secret is in telescopic floating spokes, triple supports, special struts etc.

Ergonomic handle

This part of the umbrella, in addition to being as comfortable as possible (so that not a single gust of wind could knock the umbrella out of your hands), should also look expensive and stylish. An umbrella with a cheap plastic handle is unlikely to add solidity to a man. It is a different matter if this element is made of high-quality, sturdy material.

The handle of the umbrella cane is especially important, because it has to be carried in hands and folded, so an interesting and textured handle in this case can even add a couple of advantages to the style of clothing.

What should be a men's umbrella?

In a word, if a man’s umbrella absorbs all these constituent elements, no doubt it will not gather dust somewhere in the closet on the shelf. A man will not fail to use such an umbrella in bad weather to protect his clothes, or his companion.

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