What should be the correct cardio workout?

Aerobic exercise is based on the movement of muscles through the release of energy. This energy is obtained by the oxidation of glucose molecules by oxygen. Therefore, the muscles of the heart also swing and the endurance of the vessels increases. This is where cardio training differs from strength training. The main goal of such training is to increase the body’s endurance.

However, in order for cardio workouts to be beneficial, you need to competently approach them. There are several important rules here.

First, you should not overload the body. For beginners, aerobic exercise every day is not suitable, a couple of times a week is enough. As for the time that should be devoted to training, it should be noted that even professionals are not recommended to do cardio exercises for more than an hour. By the way, it makes no sense to train longer than an hour for those who want to build muscle, since the body also begins to burn amino acids responsible for muscle growth.

At the same time, those who seek to lose weight should remember that in the first 20 minutes of cardio workout, only glycogen and sugar are burned. And only then the body begins to process subcutaneous fats. That is why the class time should be about half an hour.

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Second, you should definitely monitor your heart rate during exercise. Too frequent pulse is harmful, while if physical activity is minimal, then there is also little sense from the exercise. Each person has his own maximum, and training is worth no more than 80% of his limit.

For the age of 30, the aerobic zone is approximately 150 beats per minute. However, these figures differ with age. There are many different professional tables and formulas on the Internet to help you calculate your optimal heart rate.

  • The simplest formula is as follows: (220 – age) – 20%.

In gyms, many modern fitness machines are also equipped with sensors that measure your heart rate during aerobic exercise and advise your optimal heart rate.

It is also important to adhere to a diet with regular cardio exercises. It is better to refrain from eating two hours before the planned workout. After training, you should also not eat anything for an hour. It is recommended to drink plenty of fluids during the session.

Depending on the goals, the optimal time for aerobic exercise is also chosen.

  • So, in the morning it is better to lay time for classes for those who seek to lose weight. Glucose drops overnight, which means it will be easier for the body to switch to fat burning mode.
  • Exercises during the daytime are suitable for increasing endurance: the body is full of energy and nutrients, fats do not go away so quickly, but the heart muscle is pumped best.

The types of loads during cardio training can be very different: swimming, running, exercise bikes, dancing, outdoor games etc. The main thing is to follow the above useful rules, and then any kind of aerobic activity will be beneficial.

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