What signs of intelligence are noticeable in women after 60 years

A person’s thinking abilities deteriorate with age. As our outer shell loses its former elasticity, freshness and attractiveness over the years, so the brain begins to work worse over time. And it is strange when one person, even at an old age, shows signs of intelligence (and quite high), and another already at 50 begins to lose clarity of mind.

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Of course, people who regularly train their brains are more likely to surprise others with their ability to reasonably and soberly. But training does not give any guarantees, although it greatly increases the chances of getting a good result.

By the way, earlier we published the advice of Academician Bekhterev for brain health. And today the editorial office “So easy!” will talk about the signs that give out a woman with a high level of intelligence even after 60 years. True, this also applies to men. To a lesser extent.

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Signs of intelligence

  1. Sense of humor
    An enviable outlook and a clear mind allow not only laughing at other people’s jokes, but also coming up with your own ones on the go. And therefore, if in solid years a woman knows how to defuse the situation with an appropriate and funny phrase, then everything is in order with her mental abilities.

    Still, joking can learn a lot about a person. A stupid person can joke too, but often his jokes look inappropriate, and sometimes they even hurt and offend others. Someone uses black humor more often. Experts are more inclined to believe that it is neutral jokes that indicate intellectual health.

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  2. Self-criticism ь
    The ability to play a trick on oneself is another sign of a person who has retained a sober mind even in solid years. After all, with age, people tend to justify their mistakes and build their own worth, look down on others.

    However, truly smart people look at the world more easily and more adequately assess their place in it. Therefore, they do not make their past years an argument in any dispute. And they don’t get into disputes too much. Indeed, why should anyone prove something?


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  3. Ability to listen
    It seems that ladies after 60 love to talk more than anything else. Such a young lady cannot be entrusted with a single secret, because she will still blab it out. However, women with high intelligence love not so much to talk as to listen. And they listen attentively and do not interrupt, let them speak. And only then they say their opinion. As a result, their words seem even more powerful.

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  4. Sarcasm
    Only people with extraordinary intelligence can speak ironically and accurately, as well as understand such statements. Sometimes good sarcasm even allows the use of strong words that are not accepted in good society to pronounce. But in the speech of a really smart person, they look appropriate and even necessary.

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Talking to such people is a pleasure. You immediately understand that this person has a lot to learn, it is interesting to listen to him, he wants to ask for advice. After all, life experience with wisdom and the right attitude to life are added to the innate mind.

There is a noticeable difference when you compare such a person with someone who has long ceased to take care of himself. With those for whom the consumption of information in front of the same TV is more interesting than any books and more important than work on oneself.

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