What sweet treats can you make with pumpkin?

Pumpkin dishes not only supply our body with vitamins, which is very important in the cold season, but also give strength. They are shown to those who are exhausted by hard work, strenuous mental work, or recovering from an illness. In this case, it is useful to eat milk porridge (rice, millet) with pumpkin, nuts and dried fruits.

Sweet tooth lovers will surely love pumpkin treats such as sugar crustacean, marmalade and candy.

Sugar rachel

To make sugar crustacean (very thick pumpkin jam), you need to take 1 medium to small pumpkin. It is peeled, cut into small equal pieces.

Pour the chopped pulp with water infused with charcoal and leave for 50-60 minutes. Then the vegetable pieces are washed with clean cold water and placed in a deep saucepan. Pour water (1 l) into it, add granulated sugar (1 kg). Place the container with the contents on high heat.

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Boil the rachel until it thickens well. Powdered citric acid is poured into it (1 tsp). For the best aroma, add a little vanilla or orange peel to the pumpkin jam. These additives will mask the pumpkin scent that not everyone likes.

Pumpkin candy

You can also make homemade sweets from pumpkin. For this, the pulp of 1 medium-sized pumpkin is cut into small square pieces. Pour them with lime water and let them stand for some time. Thanks to this technique, the sweets will be very crispy.

Pieces of pumpkin are washed in cold water. Each is pricked with a fork. Then they are put in a saucepan, filled with water (4 glasses) and granulated sugar (1 kg) is added.

Put the pan on the stove, bring its contents to a boil. After half of the liquid has boiled away, pour the syrup with the pumpkin pieces into a glass container with wide edges. Leave the pumpkin blanks to be saturated with syrup for 10 hours.

What sweet treats can you make with pumpkin?
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After this time, pieces of pumpkin pulp, together with the syrup, are again put on the fire and boiled until the liquid thickens.

The pumpkin pieces are carefully removed from the syrup with a fork. Lay out on a sheet of parchment to dry and sugar. The process will go faster if each square is sprinkled with granulated sugar.

To make the sweets more tasty and aromatic, lemon, orange or pineapple essence is added to the syrup during cooking.

Pumpkin marmalade

For making pumpkin marmalade you will need to take a set of products consisting of:

  • baked pumpkin pulp – 1 kg;
  • granulated sugar – 0.5 kg;
  • cinnamon, vanilla, lemon zest, crushed nuts – to taste.

Pumpkin pulp baked in the oven or oven until tender is transferred to a saucepan, sugar is added to it. Mix thoroughly and put on fire.

Boil the pumpkin mass until it becomes so thick that the bottom of the pan will be visible in the groove drawn by the spoon. At this point, citrus zest, vanilla or a little cinnamon are added to the brew. Stir the brew again and spread it hot in glass vases. Allow it to cool before serving. It is advisable to send the pumpkin dessert to the refrigerator for several hours. It will do him good.

What sweet treats can you make with pumpkin?
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Homemade marmalade prepared according to this recipe turns out to be very tasty and juicy. It can be served as a ready-made treat or used as a puff pie filling.

Adding crushed walnuts or almonds to the marmalade will only improve the taste of this dessert. To fully appreciate its taste, you will need to comply with an important condition – the marmalade must be cold.

Prepare delicious and healthy pumpkin treats for your loved ones. Even those who aren’t fond of the taste of this vitamin-rich autumn vegetable will love them. Such a treat for household members will be most welcome, for example, on Halloween.

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