what the two most fashionable shades for hair coloring look like

According to photography inspiration platform Pinterest, requests for mushroom blond have increased by as much as 308% by fall! Everyone wants to see – what is this trendy new shade? Despite the strange name, the trendy coloring looks really interesting.

Initially, mushroom blonde was invented for blondes, but the request gives rise to a proposal and for brunettes they came up with their own shade – mushroom chocolate. What is the peculiarity of each of the stains, we asked the stylist, creative partner of L’Oréal Professionnel Semyon Malikov.

Mushroom blond

Mushroom blond is something between highlighting and balayage. But if the latter used warmer shades of blond and bright dark ones, everything is different here. Mushroom hair color – cold medium blond with a gray undertone, no straw and copper tones, reminiscent of burnt strands.

If in highlighting the emphasis was on light strands, in mushroom blonde – all the attention goes to the hair roots, from which the color is stretched to the ends.

Stylists believe that the mushroom shade is a great option for blondes who can’t dare to go to the dark side. With a mushroom hue, you are no longer blonde, but not yet brunette. At the same time, you are one step away to regain your blond hair and that is exactly how much distance you are from becoming the owner of dark hair.

Mushroom chocolate

For brunettes, getting a mushroom shade is a little more difficult. If blondes simply tint the roots and change the color of the strands (on light hair, it’s as easy as shelling pears!), Owners of dark hair will have to lighten their hair slightly along the entire length. Mushroom chocolate is, of course, darker – it is dominated by gray and mustard shades.

On dark hair, “mushroom chocolate” balayage looks contrasting and enhances the depth of the native color. Dark hair always conceals volume due to minimal overflow and play of shadows. Light strands with this coloring visually add texture and volume, the color looks expensive and interesting.

Why try it?

First, it is beautiful and fashionable. Secondly, “the mushroom technique is considered gentle – you don’t have to completely change your hair color. Due to the uniform stretching of the color, sharply regrown roots will not be visible and you will save a lot – re-staining after about six months. The fashionable shade also does not require special care – if the blond slightly goes into yellowness, this will not be noticeable. If you decide to repaint, the stylist also doesn’t have to fiddle with color alignment. With mushroom staining, thin strands are taken, the color of which can be changed in one staining.


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