what things should be discarded to stay stylish

In order to create stylish looks, it is important not only to be aware of all the latest trends, but also to understand what things are out of fashion and are no longer relevant. In this article, we have covered the 5 main anti-trends of fall 2020.

1. Ankle boots with outdated decor

A large number of outdated décor reduces the cost of the shoe’s appearance and overloads the image.

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To choose the latest ankle boots, pay attention to models with accent heels, with reptile embossing or decor in the form of chains – such a design looks concise and stylish.

How to replace fall 2020 anti-trends

2. Short coat with a collar

A short coat is impractical and can visually shorten the silhouette if there is a collar. The irrelevant style and metal fittings make this model old-fashioned.

Anti-trends in clothes in autumn 2020
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As a substitute, we recommend a classic straight cut midi coat. This style always looks relevant, protects from the cold and is combined with trousers, skirts and dresses of various lengths.

Alternative to anti-trends for fall 2020

3. Park

For a long time, the park was often found in autumn looks, however, today this type of outerwear is outdated.

Anti-trends in clothes for fall 2020
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We recommend replacing the parka with a quilted coat that is relevant this season, which is suitable for comfortable everyday looks.

What to wear instead of anti-trends
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4. Biker jacket of an adjacent cut

These styles look old-fashioned, and irrelevant decor overloads the image.

Autumn antitrends 2020
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When choosing, give preference to laconic models with a slightly loose cut.

How to replace anti-trends in clothing

5. Fur vest

A vest is a non-functional wardrobe item. In the autumn period, a fur vest looks out of place, and with the onset of cold weather, it becomes impractical.

Autumn anti-trends in clothing 2020
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We recommend paying attention to the teddy coat – it is much warmer, more practical and looks still relevant.

How to replace the fall anti-trends in clothes in the fall of 2020
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