What things to buy in men’s departments and how to wear them

At the time of the popularity of oversized, this topic is more relevant than ever. Men’s clothes in a women’s wardrobe are no longer news, besides, now, in 2020, this is a real trend.

Let’s take a look at a few examples of how you can skillfully combine men’s things and your natural femininity.

1. Man’s suit. Let’s start right away with “heavy artillery”. It would seem that both the jacket is for men and the trousers are for men … isn’t it a lot? No, not much, just right! You can always decorate your look with various accessories, make the right makeup, style your hair beautifully, wear a top under a jacket, and no one will ever think that you are not feminine.

2. Pants / Jacket. It’s much easier here. We choose just one item from a men’s suit, either trousers or a jacket. Don’t forget about accessories! We can add femininity with the help of an additional element, for example, a skirt with a jacket or an elegant blouse and top with trousers. Moreover, a men’s blazer with a dedicated shoulder line is one of the main trends of 2020.

3. Men’s jeans. Now the trend is jeans “baggy”. Agree, there is something masculine in them. So why not look into the men’s department when choosing jeans for shopping? If you wear such jeans, then you need to combine them with classic shoes or thin sandals. Use sophisticated accessories or feminine hairstyles as described above.

4. Men’s T-shirts. It is completely unisex. Men’s T-shirt is just a godsend. It can be tucked in and worn as a dress, you can tie it into a knot and turn it into a top, cut off … there are a lot of options. If you are not satisfied with the prints on all T-shirts in the women’s department, then run for a plain basic T-shirt in the men’s department.

5. Themselves. This popular wardrobe item in the men’s department is much better off. Color, print, style – an absolute victory for men’s hoodies in all these categories. Women’s hoodies are mostly short and tailored to the figure, now, of course, there are more and more free models, but this does not mean that the men’s department can be ignored.

6. Men’s Shirt. The biggest plus of this shirt is its length. In addition, men’s shirts are not fitted like women’s shirts, which gives them an excellent advantage – they can be worn over tops, turtlenecks, dresses and used as an element of outerwear. You will definitely look stylish with this shirt.

I strongly recommend that you do not bypass the men’s department while shopping. On average, men’s collections are 30% cheaper than women’s collections, which cannot but be a clear advantage for us, dear girls! The so-called “pink tax” is imposed on women’s collections. But you and I can cheat a little, which will give us not only savings in money, but also a stylish look in the bargain.

Author – stylist Oksana Darchuk @oksanadarchuk

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