What things to remove from the wardrobe so as not to look like an “aunt”

With age, life only becomes more dynamic, and many women often do not have enough time to take care of themselves. Not like when you were young, when you choose an ordinary sweater all day, combing all the shops in the city or the vastness of the Internet. And ladies over 40 sometimes do not pay attention to their wardrobe, turning into notorious … “aunts”. Loaded with string bags, in shapeless and faceless clothes, with tired eyes … All this can be changed, at least by changing the basic wardrobe. will tell you what things to exclude from the wardrobe and how to replace them so as not to look even older than her age.

1. Floral things

Many people already know that floristic motifs and floral prints are at their peak of popularity today. But now we mean exactly that “grandmother’s” print, which is most often found on home dresses and robes. A small flower with an abundance of different shades on a white or, conversely, too dark nondescript background really looks ridiculous. He ages not only ladies for 35-40 years, but also young girls.

What to throw out of the wardrobe

Do you like bright colors? Choose rich, solid colors. Fortunately, 2020 has brought us a lot of the most beautiful and fashionable shades according to the Pantone Color Institute. For the fall season, the most fashionable shades will be deep blue, dark red with a warm undertone, amber orange, purple, ultramarine green, as well as lighter shades of lime, pink sand and peach cream.

For those who still prefer things in flowers, choose stylish modern ornaments, and not “forget-me-not daisies”, a larger drawing or individual decorative elements, and only one thing in an image with such a print.

What to throw out of the wardrobe so as not to look like an aunt
Examples of replacement images

2. Leopard prints

Here the situation is somewhat different than with a floral print. Leopard print is not outdated; on the contrary, just like floral motifs, it is at the peak of its popularity. But with such an animalistic pattern, ladies who are over 40 need to be especially careful. Too large “leopard”, contrasting combinations of shades, and even more so bright colored animal prints that are not found in nature will be inappropriate!

Can’t live without a leopard or zebra print? Then feel free to use it for accessories, and not for basic clothes. Shawl, bag, belt, shoes – in the details of the image, animalistic motifs are quite appropriate. But here, too, the colors should be in harmony with each other and combined with the rest of the things in your look.

For special occasions, you can also choose a beautiful blouse in a medium-sized leopard print and pair it with chocolate pants. A flying silk midi skirt will also be a good option, but only with a solid nude top.

3. Shapeless hoodies

Do you want to hide a couple of extra pounds and therefore wear shapeless wide things? Do not do this under any circumstances! Shapeless things, cut somehow, will not at all hide the flaws of the figure. Just the opposite: under such robes you can’t see what your figure really is, and those around you can imagine the story even worse. In addition, this “immortal creation” of Chinese or Turkish craftsmen looks cheap and wretched, adds years and pounds.

Instead of a “hoodie” dress, choose a sheath dress made of thick fabric. If you have a thin waist, but wide hips, focus on the waist, and leave the bottom flared. Short robes can be safely replaced with beautiful lightweight blouses or shirts of classic cut. And for the summer, buy yourself a few basic T-shirts for your figure – stylish, fashionable, youthful!

4. Tracksuits

Don’t want to get out of your favorite tracksuit because it’s so comfortable in it? But you don’t notice at all that the jacket is already covered with pellets, and the trousers are stretched out at the knees … And in general, the suit looks pale and unpresentable, and the knitwear easily reveals the flaws of your figure, if any. Remember once and for all: after the age of 40-45, an ordinary knitted suit is appropriate only for training, outdoor activities and spending time in the country or at home.

Love sporty style and don’t want to give up comfort? It’s fine! But then replace the sporty, shapeless jersey pants with pretty boyfriend jeans or chinos. And on top you can wear the same basic T-shirt, a bomber jacket (it will be just in a sporty style) and even a leather jacket. And do not forget that even taking out the trash or going out for groceries to the nearest store is not worth it in your home stretched clothes.

5. Sweatshirts with buttons

What exactly will easily make you a real “aunt” is button-down sweaters. Ordinary sweaters to mid-thigh made of thin (or large, it doesn’t matter) knit and with fasteners, and even if there is some outdated ornament or decor, delicate flowers and frills, and dull shades – forget about it! Indeed, today there is such a variety of fashionable knitwear that everyone will find something original and perfect for themselves.

For a business style and office outlet, definitely choose a jacket, jacket or blazer. It is combined with jeans, skirts, trousers of any other shades and textures – this does not have to be a full-fledged suit. A strict classic blazer will immediately transform you from a woman of indeterminate age into an elegant business lady. For everyday looks, feel free to use cardigans: midi lengths (knee-length or slightly below) or even ankle-length maxi.

6. Down jackets

Yes, the down jacket was and remains one of the most comfortable outerwear options for cold autumn and winter. It’s so cozy in it, and it doesn’t matter what your figure is, because puffy bulky jackets of sufficient length hide all the flaws. All this is good if you need to go out into the yard to walk your dog late in the evening, in the dark and frosty conditions. Or you take the same dog for a long Sunday walk in the park in cold weather. But for every day? No, thank you!

Especially if you go to work in the office every day, a down jacket will be a real bad manners. Do you like quilted things? Buy a beautiful raincoat coat of a fitted cut, not puffy and voluminous, quilted in small squares or rhombuses – such as the trend. Better yet, opt for a classic tailored or straight-cut coat made from high-quality woolen materials – an ideal investment for many seasons in a row.

7. Trampled ballet flats and flat shoes

With age, you begin to value maximum comfort, and this concerns shoes in the first place. There are fewer and fewer shoes with heels in the shoe closet, they are worn less and less, and the heel itself is getting lower. But this is not at all a reason to wear worn-out “sneakers”: shapeless ballet flats with thin soles, sloppy shoes, or even more so such comfortable men’s shoes! Fortunately, modern fashion also relies on maximum convenience, and therefore everyone can choose the option of beautiful shoes for every day.

Pay attention to sports shoes. Yes, wearing sports shoes with a jacket with a jacket will make you look ridiculous. But there are neat monophonic flat sneakers, slip-ons, espadrilles. All of them will be as convenient and comfortable as possible for every day. Oxford shoes, loafers, brogues or higher chelsea shoes will successfully fit into a business look. For an evening out, choose a heel: it does not have to be too high, the main thing is a comfortable shoe and an instep support.

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