What to cook from sea buckthorn berries? Blanks for the winter

The orange berry, which tastes sour or sweet and sour, contains many beneficial substances for human health. She is rich:

  • ascorbic acid (up to 316 mg per 100 g of product);
  • bioflavonoids;
  • thiamine;
  • riboflavinoma;
  • folic acid;
  • carotene;
  • tocopherol.

Sea buckthorn also contains vitamins of group K and group F. The fruits contain 15 microelements. They are rich in iron, magnesium, manganese, boron, sulfur, silicon.

Sea buckthorn berries are used in folk medicine as an analgesic, anti-sclerotic, antiscorbutic agent. It is useful to eat them for a person suffering from anemia.

Berries can also be used externally to improve the condition of the skin: soften and moisturize it. Red berries also help in the fight against eczema.

Sea buckthorn has a high nutritional value. It can be consumed both fresh and after heat treatment. From the fruits you can make compote, jam, juice, jelly, marmalade, jelly. The delicacies obtained from sea buckthorn contain the lion’s share of vitamins and other useful substances.

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If you are lucky enough to have a good harvest of this berry, you should take care to make harvests from it for the winter.

For cooking sea ​​buckthorn compote take large fresh, not overripe fruits with a dense skin. Rinse them, dry them. Fill liter jars with berries, fill them with hot sugar syrup with a concentration of 65% (650-700 g of granulated sugar are taken for 1 liter of water), sterilize.

Sea buckthorn berries can also be used to make an assorted compote. Add 30% sea buckthorn to apple or chokeberry compote. It will give the drink an original taste and aroma.

For cooking sea ​​buckthorn jam take these ingredients:

  • sea ​​buckthorn fruits – 1 kg;
  • granulated sugar – 1.5 kg;
  • water – 0.5 l.

Fill the fruits with hot syrup, leave for 3-4 hours. Then cook the berries until tender.

Sea buckthorn can be prepared natural juiceto help maintain health during the cold season. For a drink, take fresh fruits that have just been picked from the branches, rinse them. Then heat the berries in a water bath to +40 ⁰С.

What to cook from sea buckthorn berries?  Blanks for the winter
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Grind warm berries through a sieve. Remove seeds and leaves from the resulting berry mass. As a result, you get freshly squeezed sea ​​buckthorn juice with pulp.

To prepare this healthy vitamin drink for the winter, you will need to perform the following sequence of actions with the resulting berry liquid mass. Juice with pulp follows:

  1. Heat to +70 ⁰С.
  2. Pour into hot jars.
  3. Pasteurize in a water bath or in a saucepan for 20 minutes from the moment the water boils.
  4. At the end, the juice cans are rolled up.

From freshly squeezed juice with pulp, you can make raw sea buckthorn jam… To do this, the liquid berry mass is mixed with sugar in a 1: 1 ratio, heated to + 80 ° C (until the sugar crystals are completely dissolved), poured into liter jars and pasteurized for 10 minutes. Jam jars roll up.

You can pamper your household with a healthy delicacy by preparing for them sea ​​buckthorn marmalade… To obtain this product, take the ingredients:

  • freshly squeezed sea buckthorn juice with pulp – 2 parts;
  • applesauce – 1 part.

The ingredients are mixed in a saucepan. They put the container on the fire, boil the fruit and berry mass to 69% of dry matter. The output should be a thick, dark orange product, very aromatic, having a pleasant sweet and sour taste.

What to cook from sea buckthorn berries?  Blanks for the winter
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If you are lucky enough to collect a good harvest of sea buckthorn in the country, be sure to make preparations for the winter from these useful berries: juice, compote, jam, jam. In the cold season, sea buckthorn treats will be an excellent vitamin supplement to the diet.

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