What to cook with green tomatoes?

Not everyone is as lucky as, say, the residents of Syzran. They even managed to establish a full-fledged city holiday – “Syzran tomato”. And all because in the “Zasyzran” area, at the confluence of the small river Syzranka with the Volga, nature has created unique conditions for growing the “Bull Heart” tomato variety. Such tomatoes grow in many places, but here they have a truly unique taste.

Connoisseurs and admirers of this glorious variety from many cities come to the holiday. True, battles similar to the Spanish “Tomatina” are not produced. Either the police there are too harsh, or the people are peaceful, because such huge fruits can hurt. Although, on the other hand, who will spread such a charm?

Of course, such delicious food in any form can be consumed, I was convinced myself many times. But not everyone is so lucky with nature and local conditions.

I remember my brother and I lived for a couple of years in the Kurgan region. So here in Galkino, like in other villages, tomatoes have never ripened. By the cold they remained green and, if not plucked, rotted on the vine.

Photo: Vladimir Golubkov, personal archive

My grandmother usually stuffed them into felt boots and put them in a warm place, on top of a Russian stove. There they usually matured successfully, unless, of course, my brother and I managed to eat them a little brown. But it was in the Trans-Urals, the land of evergreen tomatoes. Eat such greens, rejoicing in the pleasant sourness and looking at the snowdrifts outside the window, you think – in Africa, of course, two or three crops have time to ripen, because the heat is terrible there!

The most interesting thing is that when I happened to live and work in Africa, I was in for a bitter disappointment over the collapse of childhood ideas and memories.

Whether in Liberia, Mali or Burkina Faso, tomatoes in their bulk behaved the same ugly – not ripening and rotting on the vine. Maybe out of a sense of solidarity with Russian tomatoes, or maybe for some unknown reason. The locals didn’t even plant them.

To be honest, they didn’t really like to work on the ground anyway, and then tomatoes stubbornly don’t ripen! Why plant them and what to do with the green ones, if they don’t even have a Russian stove, and even more so – boots? There were enough imported shops and shops. Yes, and the locals have adapted to eating their foul-smelling moonshine with completely different products, I saw it myself. Anything that grows by itself or spins underfoot.

Moscow is now full of all kinds of tomatoes. Sometimes acquaintances will even bring those Syzran residents. There are a lot of things in stores, and their own grows normally.

But the story is about green tomatoes. Why hurt them? Moreover, there is such a wonderful thing as Georgian-style green tomatoes. It’s not the first time I’ve done them and yesterday I couldn’t resist again!

So, we proceed to the main topic of the story – the salting recipe …

We take green tomatoes, wash them. Yesterday I had six kilograms.

What to cook with green tomatoes?
Photo: Vladimir Golubkov, personal archive

Prepared containers. Then I took 100-150 grams of parsley leaves and the same amount of celery. I cut them into pieces in a bowl of 1-1.5 cm. I sent finely chopped garlic there, two or three heads. Who likes it sharper (and who doesn’t?), You can add more garlic, there is complete democracy.

What to cook with green tomatoes?
Photo: Vladimir Golubkov, personal archive

The same goes for hot peppers. I’ve set one finely. And there, in a bowl, for completeness, added finely chopped sweet bell pepper. I had one stale, but I could have poured more. The result is such a beautiful mixture as in the artist’s painting …

What to cook with green tomatoes?
Photo: Vladimir Golubkov, personal archive

I admired it a little and mixed all the paints, adding a little coarse salt, literally a pinch, so that the mixture began to give juice.

The filling is ready! Now the main thing remains: we cut each tomato into two-thirds crosswise and stuff it into the resulting cracks.

It turns out a kind of dashing “Hello from autumn to winter”.

We put these “greetings” in jars or other containers and fill them with brine.

  • For 1 liter of water – one with a top tablespoon of coarse salt.

If you pour it with hot brine, then the tomatoes will be ready in four to five days, if cold, in ten days.

What to cook with green tomatoes?
Photo: Vladimir Golubkov, personal archive

The main thing is that the brine completely covers the tomatoes. For this you need oppression, and in the banks – all sorts of chips.

It’s simple, the process is complete! It all took me thirty or forty minutes.

Well, who else dares to say that green tomatoes are not worthy of our attention and respect?

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