What to cook with sorrel? Not only chill!

Sorrel contains more vitamin C than many citrus fruits. And just 100 grams of sorrel contains more than 130% of the daily value of vitamin A, a third of the daily value of iron and magnesium.

Eating this useful plant in food helps to remove toxins from the body, improve digestion, get rid of internal parasites, cleanse the blood and blood vessels.

And sorrel is also very low in calories, so it can be eaten by those who are on a diet. Sorrel has a unique sour taste, and with the help of this herb you can diversify the taste of your favorite dishes, as well as create new culinary masterpieces.

Sorrel drinks

The fresh taste of sorrel makes the plant suitable for use in vegetable smoothies. In this regard, it is better than spinach, with which sorrel, by the way, is often confused, since spinach does not have a pronounced taste.

Summer lemonade with mint, ginger and lemon tastes better with a bunch of freshly chopped sorrel. True, in this case, it is better to drink the drink immediately: after standing for a day, the lemonade will become very sour.

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Even sorrel jelly can be prepared as an original healthy drink. You just need to extinguish a bunch of sorrel for 5 minutes, strain, then add starch diluted in water, pour the contents with a liter of water and cook for 2-4 minutes.

Sorrel snacks

Sorrel can be used to diversify the taste of many salads. This is one of the earliest spring herbs, so you can add it to dishes as fresh herbs from the beginning of May. A peasant salad of potatoes, sorrel, and other greens, seasoned with sunflower or olive oil, is quickly and easily made.

Another summer salad recipe is fresh cucumbers, eggs, corn and sorrel. You can fill with both mayonnaise and sour cream. In general, the sour taste of sorrel is well extinguished by fermented milk products, which is why it is good to serve sorrel salads with sour cream.

Whoever does not like (or are bored) of sorrel soup can make it in the form of a salad: boiled eggs, sorrel, potatoes, sour cream.

What to cook with sorrel?  Not only chill!
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You can add sorrel ground in a blender to butter. It will turn out to be a wonderful, with a slight acidity, spread for sandwiches.

Sorrel main courses

Fire-baked potatoes stuffed with feta cheese and sorrel will be a pleasant alternative to kebabs and sausages fried over a fire. The potatoes are baked in foil, then removed and cut into two halves. A soft mass of sorrel, goat cheese, garlic and butter is put inside.

Many people know the taste of spinach pie, but you can cook a similar one, but with the addition of sorrel. The cake will have a pronounced sour tint. You can make this cake quickly in a skillet. All you need is puff pastry, finely chopped sorrel and grated cheese (or cottage cheese). The filling is wrapped in dough. The pie is cooked for about 20 minutes over low heat. If desired, you can also add other herbs to taste.

What to cook with sorrel?  Not only chill!
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Delicious and juicy sorrel will diversify the table in the summer season. It is worth noting, however, that eating these herbs every day is not recommended due to the high content of oxalic acid. It will be enough to cook sorrel twice a week.


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