what to do after the 1st appointment?

Who has never asked this fateful question after a first date: “Am I sending a message or not?” This is what the “happn” dating application asked its users. The survey results are rather surprising …

The first date is idyllic, everything is going perfectly. He is beautiful, charming, interesting and romantic, then the date comes to an end and everyone leaves on their own. And here, what do we do? Dating app happn launched a survey of its users regarding behaviors adopted after a first date. According to the survey, 67% of users send a text message directly to the person concerned on the way back. On the other hand, 20% of them, more shy, prefer wait to receive the famous text : “you came back well ? “ while praying.

First date: the three-day rule

But there would be a rule according to which one should wait 3 days before calling back your crush after a date. Why this lapse of time? To show your partner that you are not in need, that you are not hungry either, while making yourself rare, precious and mysterious. A rule of which would be followers 13% of users happn. Be careful not to be forgotten …

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