What to do if hair gets dirty quickly? Expert advises

Why does my hair feel dirty on the first day after washing?

As a rule, we are talking about the owners of straight thin hair with skin prone to oily. With this combination, it is really difficult to keep the freshness of the head for a long time, since the skin secretion is released in a natural way and is very quickly distributed along the length. In this case, you can recommend products created specifically for oily scalp or normalizing skin balance. If the hair is of a different type, but at the same time there is such a problem, then it is possible to advise to rinse the strands more thoroughly, since not all products cleanse well enough and may leave some dirt that soon become obvious. In this situation, we recommend trying to apply and lather the shampoo twice. For safety, you can leave the foam for a minute and then rinse.

Could this be due to improper care?

Yes, this is possible. Let me give you an example: the hair is of good quality, but the girl decided that it needed to be restored and uses the appropriate range of care. Usually, revitalizing shampoos gently cleanse the scalp, for some this is not enough.

And if the scalp is prone to oily, but the length is damaged, then you can choose an individual mix. For example, shampoo for volume or hydration, and conditioner for nourishment and recovery.

What about masks, can they affect a contaminated scalp?

Some girls wear conditioner and masks too close to the roots, and this can really affect, as they are not designed to be applied to the scalp (they are still designed for length). To apply it accurately, you can resort to a simple method of washing your hair: first rinse with shampoo and then lower your head down, squeeze out the water and apply conditioner to those strands that fall. Further, without unbending, wash off the product, and then nothing will get on the skin for sure.

Does this feel depend on the styling applied? Or because it was chosen incorrectly?

Yes, of course, the wrong styling can really be the reason. This is especially true for wax or paste. With this problem, such styling products should be avoided. All other types of styling will only help to maintain freshness.

Are there any ingredients that make Slavic hair heavier?

As a rule, for each country, products are produced that are suitable for the majority of the population. In Russia, this hair is medium in diameter, that is, not thick and not very thin. In color, rather, light brown, or brown-haired. Knowingly selling products that will weigh down the hair of a large part of the country’s population is at least illogical.

How can you refresh your styling if you woke up in the morning and there is no time to wash your hair?

The best solution is an express hairstyle. Stab, make a high ponytail and a bun out of it, braid a beautiful pigtail. If at each stage of working with your hair you apply medium hold lacquer on it, then in the end you will get not only a fresher look, but also a strong hairstyle for the whole day.


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