What to do to keep lipstick on your lips as long as possible

Lipstick is an essential part of everyday makeup for almost every woman. A correctly selected shade helps girls not only complement and reveal their image, but also gives them inner confidence in themselves and their beautiful appearance.

The only drawback of lipsticks is that only a small fraction of them boast good durability. Most lipsticks are smeared and “eaten” during the day, and thus spoil the carefully thought out and applied make-up. So that this problem does not affect you, we will tell you about 5 secrets of professional makeup artists that will increase the durability of your lipstick. Take them into service and use them with pleasure.

  1. Preliminary preparation
  2. Using the base
  3. Application technique
  4. Contour pencil
  5. Fixing the make-up

Preliminary preparation

Remember once and for all that before you apply lipstick on your lips, you first need to prepare them. Lipstick will stick better if the surface of the lips is soft and smooth. To do this, use a special lip scrub, and then moisturize them with balm or natural oil (for example, olive oil). This will remove flaky skin flakes and smooth out micro-cracks where lipstick collects.

Using the base

A lip base (better known as a primer) is very similar to a makeup base, it also prolongs the life of cosmetics and guarantees an even coverage. If there is no special lip primer in your cosmetic bag, then use a regular tonal agent, it practically does not differ in properties, so it will be a good alternative.

Application technique

If you are used to just smearing lipstick on your lips, then most likely this is the reason that your cosmetics do not hold well. As it turned out, there is a special technique for applying lipsticks, which prolongs the durability of the make-up. It is based on the principle of layering: the first layer of lipstick is “hammered in” with light patting movements of the fingers. The second layer is applied with pressure directly with the stick. This technique provides greater durability of the coating and the saturation of the hue.

Contour pencil

If you want the lipstick to last as long as possible, then be sure to line your lips with a contour pencil. By outlining the lip line, you create a barrier that will prevent cosmetics from spreading beyond the lips. And if you shade the entire lip area with a pencil before applying lipstick, then the makeup will turn out much richer.

Fixing the make-up

The last life hack used by all professional makeup artists is the mandatory fixing of cosmetics. Using a special waterproofing fixative sprays ensures that your lipstick lasts longer than usual and doesn’t ruin your look. If you do not have a special fixing agent, then ordinary transparent powder will do (apply it between the layers of cosmetics, and over the last layer).

Take advantage of the secrets of the masters of makeup and enjoy your beautiful appearance.


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