What to do when you feel dizzy during sex?

Intimacy is one of the important elements of human life. The process is considered to be inalienable, since it is about procreation and about getting pleasure. The physical and emotional state of a person depends on the latter. But sometimes people face a problem when their head becomes dizzy during sex. This brings unpleasant sensations to both partners, as they often have to refuse to continue making love.

You probably know that sex is a stimulant of the human nervous and hormonal system. Before intercourse begins, hormones are released into the bloodstream, pulse and heart rate increase. As a result, the blood leaves the brain and rushes to the genitals. If regular pathological signs appear during orgasm, medical attention will be required, and possibly emergency therapy.

If a girl is dizzy during sex, what could it be?

Quite familiar phrase to every guy from his partner: “I have a headache.” Especially married men. And after all, the latter consider it a banal signal from sex. However, this is not entirely true – back in 1960, scientists established the presence of headaches and dizziness during intimacy. More often, such sensations are inherent in able-bodied, healthy and young people. In other words, people between the ages of 25 and 40 experience vertigo. Headaches are often caused by standing upright or high blood pressure. There is also a sharp rush of blood to the vessels.

An excellent option would be to go with your girlfriend to a neurologist – it is better not to self-medicate. The doctor will listen to all the features and help with solving the problem.

Varieties of dizziness

  1. Muffled pain. The reasons are – uncomfortable body position or intense motor loads. At first, the symptoms are mild, but with the onset of orgasm, they intensify.
  2. Sharp pain. Arises abruptly. Usually due to malfunctions of the heart and vascular system. At the same time, in addition, there are strong drops in blood and intracranial pressure. All this can cause serious problems, so immediately pay attention and run to the doctor.

Dizziness during arousal

Dizziness during arousal

The main reason is considered to be the increased physical exertion on the muscles of the neck during excessive movements during sex. But there are also other, no less important points:

  1. If you have ever encountered blood pressure disorders, then with an orgasm, a sharp jump can occur.
  2. Migraines of a chronic nature or arising periods. Often they manifest themselves with muscle tension and when the tone of the cerebral vessels is increased.
  3. Psychoemotional health also plays an important role, since shocks and stresses entail uncontrolled expansion and narrowing of blood vessels.
  4. Sex too often. The nervous system is overloaded in this situation.
  5. Hemorrhagic stroke. Agree, the name is already scary, and for a reason – this is one of the most dangerous conditions. You may not even suspect that a cerebral hemorrhage has occurred. Such a diagnosis requires immediate medical attention.
  6. Another reason is diseases associated with coronary vessels. It may require hospitalization, and even surgery.
  7. Medicines that affect blood pressure or stimulate the psyche.

Dizziness after intercourse

Dizziness after intercourse

These discomfort can be caused by:

  1. Osteochondrosis. More often it manifests itself in people aged 35-40 years and depends on uncomfortable positions.
  2. Increased intracranial pressure. Someone may have such an ailment. During intercourse, CSF is produced, and if its outflow is disturbed, the meningeal membranes are stretched. As a result, pain symptoms appear.

Diagnosis of pathology

At the appointment, the doctor first finds out all the circumstances under which cranialgia appeared. After, he will measure blood pressure on two hands. If the dynamics of the cerebrospinal fluid is disturbed, the doctor will send for an MRI of the brain, as well as measure the pressure of the cerebrospinal fluid. If osteochondrosis is suspected, you will have to undergo an X-ray of the cervical spine in 2 projections. If all indicators are normal, a specialist can refer you to a psychotherapist, since sometimes it’s all about psychological problems.

At the psychologist


After an accurate diagnosis has been established and the true pathology has been identified, the doctor prescribes an individual course of therapy. This can be medication or psychological help. Doctors often recommend homeopathic remedies:

  1. Aktea racemose.
  2. Pulsatilla.
  3. Ferrum Metallicum.
  4. Calcarea.
  5. Carbo Vegetabilis.


They should only be taken after consulting a specialist.

How can you prevent a symptom from appearing?

To get rid of the agony, just change your lifestyle. This will help you prevent an unpleasant symptom:

  1. Change your diet. Eat only healthy and high quality foods.
  2. Eat small meals.
  3. If you are overweight, try to get rid of it.
  4. Control your own health – this will reduce the risk of unpleasant consequences.
  5. Walk more often – the body loves walking.
  6. Remember to rest and sleep at least 8 hours.
  7. Give up alcohol.
  8. Try not to get into conflicts or get into stressful situations.

And the most important thing – if you feel dizzy during sex, turn to an experienced specialist for help. Only doctor’s observations will help get rid of painful conditions without harm to your health..

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